GOT A JOB!!!!!....finally

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  1. well, after 18 months of unemployment, 12 months was spend getting my IT Help Desk cert 3 and 4, on wednesday i sat a test for an electrical pre-apprenticeship i got the call yesterday i was acepted :hyper: ...5 weeks of 4 days full time at TAFE(college) then the training company helps me find an employer during those 5 weeks and over 3 months after that :hyper:
  2. Congratulations!

    Being not-broke is a nice thing.

    Just remember, mo' money, mo' problems.
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    Feb 24, 2004
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    Congrats! I hope the tech job market is better down under than it is here in the states. I was lucky enough to get pulled over to another project when we started experiencing layoffs at our company a couple years back. Searching for work is NOT fun.
  4. gratz dude
  5. Joe Turski

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    Jul 29, 2003

    So true!! :bawl:
  6. Top stuff Heath! I sure hope it turns into something great for you...

    IT Cert 3 and 4? I started a Diploma in Information Technology after finishing year 12 with the idea of going on to a degree... I just lost it after finishing Cert IV (the first year), IT (software bassed) work is near imposable to find unless you have a degree and 3+ years experience. It Sucks! So I sure feel for you in that regard. Before that Good marks in year 12, and a Pre-Apprenciship in Automotive... Finding works sucks in general!

    I hope this electrical pre-apprencieship turns into something good for you though! You'll ahev a heap of molar, and a castle of basses and amps in no time :bassist:
  7. nemesis amp soon enough..and a spector ledgend 4 may be on the cards by christmas :D
  8. Heya Heath, I popping over for x-mas, oh and i need to borrow a grand or five, but you don't mind right? :ninja:
  9. oh i mind, i mind alot :D