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Got a Line 6 M13 showing up today.

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by Flux Jetson, Jul 12, 2012.

  1. It seems like a nice little "4 voice synth" type toy with four nice little screens. The looper will be new territory for me as well. Nice sampler plate of FX. It'll work out well with my modular synth rig that I run the bass through. Got it pretty well-purchased, NIB from a Line 6 dealer (gotta watch that kind of stuff .. warranty policies need to be read thoroughly before getting new gear online!).

    I'm planning on patching the two control pedal jacks to some control voltage abilities the modular synth has to provide CV control over whatever functions those two ports provide in various FX models.

    I constantly read complaints from people about digital modelling gear that say stuff like "it doesn't sound just like my original effectomatic swirliygigger". Wth is wrong with some people's children?

    To me, I don't care if it doesn't sound EXACTLY like a 1976 MXR Phase 90 (or whatever). All that matters is if it provides useful sounds and useful features. The same goes for digitally modeled amplifiers. "It doesn't sound like my 1975 Marshall Mexi" ... nooo ?? Really?

    Lemme see here .... one is made of iron, copper wirings, vaccum tubes, and the other is made of silicon and endless pages of digital instructions .... um .. YA THINK???

    Again, whether or not it sounds just like some Ampleg SBT or not is moot .... does it sound useful? Yea? Then use it!

    I'm hoping the M13 will provide a lot of ambient/spacey stuff ... I'll know in about 10 hours. :)
  2. The little FET contacts under the footswitches seem super easy to replace as well. I think there's a chance the web-o-mites have made more of the reliability issues about FET type switching than really needs to be made of it. If done right, that type of switching scheme is FAR more robust than a mechanical contact electrical switch.

    Well, as I said, time will tell.
  3. Jon Burnet

    Jon Burnet

    Jan 21, 2001
    Memphis, TN
    i love mine brother! has held up well on the road and sounds great! hope it treats you well.
  4. Righteous beans. Now you got me anxious! Where's that stinkin' brown truck at!
  5. I´d check that M13 has version 2.04 in it and if not I´d do software update.
    Effects loop is very good in M13. For example dirty booster (I use Cream pie deluxe) in effects loop enhance M13 effects a lot. IMO they sound less digital that way. :bassist:
  6. I already checked that out way before I bought it, it has 2.04. :) There's a lot of dealers selling 1.0 so you have to watch it. From what I learned about it, uploading 2.04 is very simple to do though.

    Yea, I would guess that the FX loop has many positive attributes. :)
  7. I dug my M13 for Delays, Modulation, Reverbs, and the Looper. It was just too big to be practical on my board. I now have the M9 on my board and could not be happier.

    Here is a pic of it on my board.(Changed out the BB Bass Pre with an MXR Bass Fuzz Dlx, which is wicked)


    Post up some samples of sweet synth sounds after you get it!
  8. Ha! My wife has an M9 showing up tomorrow for her 1977 Rhodes Stage 73! We're trying to gear-up for a live two-piece ambient/progressive/fusion show. I'll be on the modular synth, bass guitar, guitar, organ, and slide guitar. She'll be on the processed Rhodes. We'll be writing soon and performing hopefully by winter.

    I plan on posting some sounds/clips soon! Here's a pic of the bass guitar filter array so far (made from modular synth filters). Bass goes stright from the pickups into the filter array, out to a Mackie 1400i and then out to a Baer ML112. Fun stuff!


    Recabbing and getting the setup better done-up once these "M's" show up today and tomorrow.

  9. I'll be posting a full-on thread about my entire rig soon. :)
  10. That is a crazy setup. I haven't dove into synth modules..that picture is going to hurt my bank account. Who makes those?
  11. holly s*** ! That setup rocks dude and your project sounds promising ! I¿d really love to be part of your band... unfortunately i'm way too far from Arizona...
    Can't wait to listen to your stuff !
    oh.. and i've been gigging my M13 since 2010. Love it.
  12. M13 showed up .. this thing is crazy-cool. I have the whole thing figured out already .. nice and straightforward. Now I need to dive in and begin learning what each effect has to offer. I already have two foot controllers .. assigning stuff to them is where the REAL fun begins! And it's so friggin EASY to assign functions to them too!

    I'm already thinking of using two M13s .. one for each pickup of my 2-channel "stereo" bass. Then use the synth gear to be able to sweep between each pickup/M13 signal with my foot on the fly in realtime. So I could set up a scene using several filters/distortions/modulators for the bridge pickup, and on the other M13 do that same thing for the neck pickup. Mix the two together using what's known as a "Pan/fade" module patched up to a pedal interface module that would permit me to sweep between the two with a foot controller. Not to mention what could be done with foot controllers patches into the back of the two M13s! My brain is gonna catch on fire!

    Believe it or not, my synth module setup is less expensive than an SVT, including the used Mackie 1400 for power. And it's 25x more versatile than anything I've ever owned. I've played analog synths since 1978, so I brought my experience with modular synths with me when I took up the bass in 1990. That filter array in the pic is like taking each filter control (bass, mids, treble, etc..) and placing each one .. each band .. in it's own singular module. You have ultimate control over evey single aspect. That picture shows only nine of the 20 modules that I now use. Even at 20 modules, 2 cabs, and the power supply I'm STILL at less money than a new SVT head. And ~yes~ I know what every single knob does and every single jack does. It's very easy once you get the idea behind what makes that stuff tick.

    Like I said I'll be posting a full-on thread about my rig soon. Hopefully I'll be able to include sound clips. Now .. if only my bass playing lived up to this rig!! :)

    Here's the module supplier I chose to use ...


    But there are many many others.

    So far I am UBER impressed with my M13!
  13. On Day Five with my M13. Still very impressed.
  14. M13 all the way! I´ve had mine over 3 years now and still more than happy with it. :D
  15. Been a sold week now .. still in love. I've been using it straight from my bass, to M13, right into my Mackie M1400, directly into my Baer ML112 cab. No other preamp other than the M13.

    I use several of the EQ's and filters to shape my bass, and it works wonderfully! I now know I am on my way to owning an HD500 as my main preamp. The M13 will be used as my "effector" for my synths, my guitars, and my bass. This stuff jams!
  16. like-button1.
  17. TaySte_2000


    Jun 23, 2001
    Manchester, UK
    Endorsing Artist: Mojohand, Subdecay, Overwater, Matamp
    No matter what I buy I get it in the room with the M13 and the M13 always has a place in the chain.
  18. We ended up getting an M13 for me, an M9 for my wife, and an M5 for my brother's setup (he plays guitar).

    M13: This thing is just uber-cool. I use it with my modular synth as well as my bass. It fits right in with my modular synth rig just great! It's so patchable and flexible that the possibilities are vast. I have years of learning ahead of me.

    M9: My wife uses the M9 with her 1977 Rhodes Stage 73 electric piano. It has proved to be something she cannot live without! It really works very very well with the Rhodes, and offers a lot. The distortions coupled with other FX in there produce very synth-like sounds (and I am not talking about using synth-models in the setup at all .. just well chosen distortions and EQs combined with a flanger or phaser and the right delay). Her entire world has been opened up with the M9.

    M5: This is the perfect addition to my brother's modest rig. He has a Boss DD-20 Gigadelay, a few boutique OD's/compressors (one in particular that REALLY works well with his rig). We got him the M5 as a gift. It's a perfect "working man". When he needs that extra delay, or that extra flanger ... he's got it.

    One other aspect of any of the M-series modelers is that we've discovered that the M5 is useful for our stereo when we listen to CDs. We've setup a couple of different EQs in presets to deal with a few different bands that require re-EQing the stereo when we listen to them. Like if I am playing a bunch of older 70's stuff, it requires the stereo to be EQ'd differently than when I play modern music. So Dream Theater gets a different EQ preset than any of my old Rush does. It makes it super easy to call up preset #20 for DT, and then preset #19 for the older 70's stuff. Re-EQing very easily without having to monkey with the stereo settings. Just sayin'.

    So I'm very happy with the M-series modelers at this point. Once I sell this one old motorcycle of mine I'll be getting something along the lines of the HD500. That can be devoted to the bass, while the M13 can be switched around from bass to synth to my two vintage Hammonds (1962 A102, and a 1955 M3). The HD500 may also see duty with the Hammonds, I've discovered that the old Marshall amp models work GREAT for those Keith Emerson Hammond tones from the early 70's Tarkus-era.

    Sounding so fanboi.
  19. I love mine, but it is more than I need, looking to downgrade to an M9. I only need 2 effects at a time, wish they made a model in between the M5 and M9.
  20. Y'never know what might be around the bend .. :)

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