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  1. yeah, i decided to treat myself this year because i saw one of these for pretty cheap. i got it but now the problem is getting a cab.

    i am going to go with just 4 ohms right now and add another 4 ohm to get the 2 ohms later on when i start doing bigger gigs.

    so the question is what is a good less expensive cab to buy?
    I use a Peavey Firebass 700 with an Avatar B212 DeltaLF and a Peavey 410TX. I am not happy with the Peavey 410TX and will be replacing it probably this week with an Avatar 410 Neo, courtesy a fellow TB'er here. I'll let you know how much of an improvement the Avatar is over the Peavey, its already got the Peavey kicked in the weight department- 65lbs Avatar vs. 90+lbs Peavey. I was GASing for a Pro 500 at one point but I would like a little more power than it offers, how does it sound?
  3. Congrats on a great amp ! I still regret trading mine for the SWR 8004. My Pro 500 sounded great paired with an Aguilar GS212, 4 ohm.

    For a less expensive option, perhaps an Avatar 212.

    My amp had clipping issues when operated at 4 ohms...this was with a loud band. However, at 2 ohms, it never clipped. I'm no longer with the "loud band", and would most likely be ok running the amp at 4 ohms.

    FYI, when I ran the amp at 2 ohms, it was the Aggie and (2) SWR Goliath JR 3's. In my opinion, this was the best tone I ever had.

    I was all set to purchase the Pro 1600, but Peavey apparently pulled the plug on this beast.

    Now I have gas for this amp again ! Anyways, enjoy this awesome amp and keep us posted with your cab decision, as well as a gig report.
  4. I always wondered what happened to the Pro 1600 hundred, its in the catalogue ive got but seems not many (if any) were made

    I love peavey cabs, gonna get an ampeg 810e for my svt then run that with my whole peavey setup, will be cool :)
  5. BbbyBld


    Oct 13, 2005
    Meridian, MS
    Check us out around NAMM. ;)
  6. It being brought out again? that'd be cool

    Peavey need another all tube bass head :p
  7. Aj*


    Jun 14, 2005
    West Yorkshire, UK
    Classic 400 reissue anyone?
  8. I was all set to purchase another brand, then this happens. Ah well, not gigging again...I guess I can wait patiently...can you give us a little hint? :D
  9. I'd hit that

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