Got a Sansamp BDDI, Settings?

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  1. well, i finally went out and got a sansamp today, and WOW. it makes my sound so FULL, it's ridiculous to hear my tone without it now. i'm currently getting a nice tone going into the active input on my SWR WM-15, level at 3 o'clock, blend at full, treble at 10 o'clock, bass at 1 o'clock, and drive and presence at 2 o'clock, with the EQ on my amp flat and the volume and tone on my bass set at full.

    it sounds really heavy, although i can't get it quite as punchy as i want it without a pick, but this may be because i just have a P pickup and i have to live with it.

    what are your favorite settings, and what do they sound like?
  2. Never tried the pedal, so Im on NO help :D but congrats on the new gear, its always fun getting new toys :D
  3. virtual.ray

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    Oct 25, 2000
    I got one in May,along with the Tech 21 Bass Compactor.Most of the time I set the Bass Driver at unity gain,which is 12 o'clock or so for my rig.That way when I step on it for a song or part thereof the level doesn't jump.I keep the blend all the way to the effect side,and the treble,presence,and drive knobs at 12 o'clock.With my stuff I find this gets a good approximation of a tube amp being pushed,which is why I wanted to get this box.BTW,a neat use for the parallel output (the one on the right side of the box) is to feed a tuner,for those like me without the luxury of a muted tuner jack on the amp.At least this way the tuner isn't in line with the signal going to the amp.
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    Jun 9, 2001
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    I keep the level at slightly below unity, the blend between 11 and 1 O'clock, depending on the gig, treble cut at about 10 o'clock, bass boosted at around 2 oclock, drive boosted at about 1 o'clock, pres completely cut out. All these are very dependent on the gig/room/sound"person"/phase of the moon. This setting is a slight, switched "boost" for live dub stylee bass, otherwise the circuit is used as a straight DI. I use the parallel out to feed my efx, which then goes to the amp, which is then hopefully mic'd or probably di'd. I also use the 1/4" output sometimes to go to another straight, un-eq'd input on the amp.

    If you play a passive bass..a useful "tone" clue in using this is to back off that damn blend control, you'll hear more of your instrument. Also, be aware of how the tone controls work, as it's confusing about how mids are actually controlled. It's Interactive, a cut on one is a boost in a certain freq on the other. And give yourself some of the drive..if you play dynamically, it's this knob that makes it sound more "tubey", NOT the blend thing. I don't care what the instructions say. btw, throw out those "suggested settings"..this pedal has some amazing tones, but not if you follow the manual settings.

    This pedal is WAY deeper than it appears, and this is what I have arrived at after using one for 5 years. I play blues/dub/FreeFunk on a P with flats..if you play with a pick or do 1/8th note rock, all of the above goes out the window of course.
  5. yeah, i figured out how to use the mids yesterday, now i'm cutting both bass and treble to get a little punch... you cut out all the presence? wow. i guess that's worth a try though. and about letting my bass shine through with the blend control... that's not a big concern for me. ;)
  6. barroso


    Aug 16, 2000
    that's a great piece of gear. can you tell me how much is it in the usa? here in italy is quite expensive, hope that the new rackmuonted version lets the price of the stompbox go down...
  7. bassmonkeee

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    Sep 13, 2000
    Decatur, GA
    I just got one in the mail that I found used for a great price. I'll be using it mostly to record, but I have a feeling that it will make it's way into my live rig, as well. So far, it's a great piece of gear. I just need to pick up a power supply for it.
  8. virtual.ray

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    Oct 25, 2000
    For a power supply try the Signal Flex PS-9. It powers up to 5 pedals and only costs around 35 bucks,and it has a 3 prong AC cord like an amp and a fuse.