Got another P-bass! See pic's, need serial# dating help also

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    Jan 31, 2004
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    more pics:

    ’7? Precision
    it was advertised as being a 1973 however the serial# is off... 624939. That puts it at 75/76 on some dating sites but on the following sites there is a 211480 to 627740 category which dates it as a 1968... This can’t be right?

    The bass was used by Bob Bobbitt years ago before being sold to the owner I bought it from on Thursday who told me it was sold to him as a 73. He thinks it not like most typical chunky 70s p basses he's played and did not believe it could be a 75/76. Regardless, it’s an awesome playing bass and light too!

    ’76 a-neck precision
    Great bass I bought from a fellow TBer a few months ago. Still enjoying it and will be for years most likely!

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