Got IEMs (Was: "Need IEMs?")

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  1. I bought the KZ AS10s and I've been using them for about two months now.

    I'm really pleased with them. I can't compare them to any other IEMs, because I've never worn any others. They have five (5) balanced armatures and they sound well balanced. At $60, I don't feel the need to pursue more expensive options, especially at my level of talent. ;) These meet my need.

    Thanks again to everyone that offered reviews of various IEMs; particularly to those that have the AS10s and compared them to myriad other IEMs. You saved me lots of money, and I'm thoroughly pleased with this "investment."

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  2. I've owned quite few sets of iems and the kz as10 still are a pretty decent sounding set. That said I think for the money if you decided to upgrade or get a spare/backup set some of kz's newer models like the dq6 are a pretty big improvement in build quality overall and can be had around $50 or less. Most of the newer kz models have a better silver and copper braided cable with external qdc ports instead of recessed two pin jacks, they have a semi custom mold shell using the Siemens ear database and metal nozzels with flanges on the end so the ear tips don't slide off and get stuck in your ear, they have newer drivers that are not as sibilant or harsh in the higher end and use new Isolation tubing keeping the sound from being shouty or having frequency smear, the Kz dq6 model also uses 3 dynamic drivers that have improved bass response.
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  3. Great information! If I lose mine or they stop working, I'll look at the DQ6--or ping you at that time for the current "best!" Thank you!
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    Glad you like them. Get a variety pack of Comply foam tips to go with them. They really do seal very well. The variety pack will let you try out different sizes. Then buy a pack of the proper size. I used to get a dozen shows or more out of a set (with casual listening in between).

    Comply™ Foam Tips - Replacement Earphone Tips (
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    i'm seeing the DQ6 models for half the price of the kz AS10s --- does that seem right to you?
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  6. Yeah they are going pretty cheap
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  7. Kz have a sale going on atm for $21 on the dq6 set. I'm thinking I may nab a extra set for using under less then desirable circumstances like if it rains in a outdoor gig
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    I'm happy with my AS10s (and had stopped looking) but just ordered some DQ6. The price cant be beat and the shell shape is interesting. Thanks for the tip.
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  9. That price is crazy anyone that buys a set of the Shure se215's when these are available at less then a1/4 of the price is nuts
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  10. What is ATM?
  11. ATM is abbreviating (At the moment)
  12. Thanks; my daughter just clued me in two minutes ago. I guess my old is showing.
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  13. A couple other sets of Kz iem's to keep an eye on if any of you guys are eventually looking to step up abit in quality from the Kz Dq6 are the 12 ba per side Kz ASN / Cca ca24, and the Kz ZAS with 7 ba 1 dynamic driver per side set. From what I understand the Zas is a much more affordable universal fit alternative to guys interested in the 64 Audio n8 iem's. These all sound incredible for the money and I'm bummed there aren't any custom mold iem's priced like this as the custom molds fit and hold seal way better but to get close to the sound quality with a custom set you are easily spending close to $2k
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    Wow, pretty hard to keep up with these guys! I even forgot in my earlier post that I am on ZS10s (not AS10s).
  15. Has anyone tried Moondrop Starfield IEMs? They're a little pricier at $109, but I've read some very favorable reviews on them. I've also read some reviews critical of their bass response, so I am curious to hear a bassist's take on them.

  16. They have tons of different iems out and release new models fairly often sometimes multiple a year and they phase out the ones that don't sell after awhile. I've owned so many different pairs I've lost count because it became a fun hobby trying and selling different iems
    They are not ideal for a live musician's use in my opinion they are geared towards audiophiles they use a single dynamic driver and will not do as well with instrument separation and get muddy when you have busier mixes.
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  17. Im not a fan of how you can't edit post after a few minutes anymore not sure why there was a change but I digress. I meant the Kz Ast model instead of Asn in my previous post.
  18. Totally agree that these can make a huge difference. I was considering custom molds for my Westones, but it turns out that the medium Comply memory foam tips really work well for me. I got CCAs to have a backup pair and got the Comply tips for them...same great fit, comfort and seal. Everyone's ears are different and there may not be a tip that does it 100% for some people, but I can't imagine a case where those silicone mushroom cap tips can't be improved on with something from the Comply line.
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    For most..I would agree. Alas, not for me tho. I tried every tip made by Comply and other vendors including every tip type/style.
    Nothing worked due to small ear canals...
    Customs are the only think that keep the seal and work for me.
  20. From my hour of doing searches on reviews and videos, it appears that the KZ AST are getting better reviews than the KZ ZAS overall. If you were going to go for one or the other, which would it be? I'm leaning toward buying a set of the KZ ASTs, and moving my KZ AS10s to backup position (we'll see).

    I'm not sure I understand "soundstage" and "imaging" and layering that well, so I'm looking for advice once again.


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