got it narrowed down to 2, first bass ever

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  1. well, i have it narrowed down, this will be my first bass, but i am serious about it. I am not new to music (drums 13 yrs) but want to explore a little. Both are "Brice" model basses from, but i am torn between the violin body bass (HVB 600) and the V2 4 string. I am leaning towards to violin body mostly because i wont be able to use an amp much in my dorm room, and would still be able to get a sound out of it. also i think it looks pretty tasty. i just have not really heard much about violin body basses, is ther anything i should be aware of? are there any drastic drawbacks of the drastic differnece in body design? i will be playing some funk, lots of jazz, and always some good ol classic rock. well, any help is appreciated. thanks :)
  2. By the way, what is a "set neck"?
  3. If you are new to talkbass, I welcome you, you will really enjoy it here! I honestly don't know very much about them other than Paul McCartney started the violin bass trend. But, I didn't want to go unanswered, so here are my thoughts. 1, I have never heard of that type of bass being able to resonate that loud without an amp, just because it has the shape of a violin does not mean it will resonate like one (just my guess). 2, for jazz and what you described, I am not sure if that would best suit you. You might want to check around some music stores to get a feel for the type of bass you like and the type of pickups. I once bought a bass from Rondo, unfortunately it came with a warped neck, and when I talked to one of their reps they said that it was common, but it seems like I am the only one to experience this. Although, they do have great customer service and they did give me a full refund. One thing you might want to consider is getting a headphone amp (not too expensive and then you can hear yourself. I think they are like $30). I appologize for being a naysayer to Rondo, but that was just my experience, but I loved the bass when I first got it. So if I were you I would just explore a little bit more.
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    Set neck refers to a glued in neck. As opposed to a bolt on neck, or a neck through. Neck through features the neck wood going all the way to the end of the body, with most of the body being 'wings' attached to either side of the through neck.
  5. I believe it is like a bolt on (where the neck is bolted to the body) but instead of bolt it is attached using strong adhesives.
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    Welcome to Talkbass and congrats on your upcoming first instrument.

    I don't know much about Brice instruments but their stablemates the Essex (SX) get good reviews, especially the Jazz Bass copy. Check out the Essex Megathread in this forum for more info.

    Actually, you might want to consider one of those...they're less money (about $119) and should be a very usable bass, suitable for a wide range of music styles especially funk, jazz and R&R.

    A set neck is one that is glued on to the an acoustic guitar rather than one that is bolted on (really screwed on with 4 or 5 long wood screws) or neck-through where the neck continues through the entire instrument from headstock to tail with the body being pieces of wood that are glued on the sides of the neck.

    The violin style bass is like the Hofner that Paul McCartney used in the early Beatle days. Would be suitable for jazz and Rock but I'm not sure about the funk part.

    You could get a small (cheap) amp with a headphone jack for jamming in the dorm room or if you have the cash something like the Line 6 Bass POD.

    Feel free to ask lots of questions...TalkBass is a great reference.

    Have fun!!!
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    The hollow violin body will let you hear the bass a little when you play it unplugged, but not at any kind of volume that would work for say, accompanying a guitar. If the room's quiet it should be ok, but even playing along with a cd it may be too quiet.

    Good luck!

  8. I am unsure as to what the 3 "switches" do on the bass. it comes with one volume for each pickup, but what do the switches do? And with a set neck, the fact that it is glued shouldnt have me worrying about its long time durability as opposed to bolt on, should it?

    one more thing, (wow so many questions), would the fact that it is a hollow body limit its upgradeability?

    i just wanna be sure about exactly what i am getting. :)
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    Set neck's aren't anything to be worried about...Gibson has done it that way on certain models for years, Foderas are made that way as are many others (I'm sure).

    If you are seriously considering upgrading the violin bass, perhaps you should consider another instrument. It's not a really common bass type so there aren't too many aftermarket parts that would drop in. On the other hand, if you went with a Jazz bass type instrument (like the Essex SJB-62) you can get direct replacement pickups, bridge, a number of preamps to install in place of the passive tone controls, tuners, etc.

    Another upgrade consideration is price...the HVB-600 is $225 while the SJB-62 is just $119.95. For the difference in price, you could replace the SJB's bridge with a Quan BadAss II which would greatly enhance tone and sustain and cover about half of a new set of pickups. Swapping the bridge and pups will turn this very good bass into an excellent one.

    Again, I stongly suggest that you read the Essex MEGATHREAD here on TalkBass or look at user reviews at

    I looked at Rondo's site and learned more about the HVB-600. It's a short scale bass (30 in from nut to bridge) rather than a more standard 34 in. (like the Brice, and a majority of other basses made today). A shorter scale instrument would be slightly easier to play but the low notes probably won't sustain as well.

    I also noticed that the HVB-600 doesn't have F holes meaning that it won't be as acoustically loud as you might think. I don't know if you've ever played around with an acoustic bass guitar, but they're quite a bit quieter than an acoustic guitar.

    FWIW, I often play my solid body basses unplugged so I don't annoy my wife and kids...I can still hear it just fine.

    Lastly, I'm not sure what the three switches'd have to ask Rondo.

    Good luck!!!
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    Well, if it's a three way switch, it might be a pickup selector. It allows you to select between the neck, the bridge pickup and both.

    No problem with the Joint. It'll be fine.
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    Mar 18, 2000
    Well, if it's a three way switch, it might be a pickup selector. It allows you to select between the neck, the bridge pickup and both.

    No problem with the Joint. It'll be fine.

    You might have some limitations getting hardware. As long as electronics are concerned. As long as your pickups are a standard size, I don't see a problem.
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    You'll have one hell of a time playing funk on that kind of bass. I hope that none of us have...well, rained on you parade at all with suggestions of another bass. I too favor jazz bass style basses. I have never played a Essex but I do recommend a MIM Fender Jazz.
  13. no not at all, dont worry about raining on any parades :), all of your suggestions have been great, and i have decided to go for the V2 4 string. I will be ordering tommorow, hopefully it will be here by the time i leave for school again.
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    Sep 7, 2000
    Don't know how upgradable the Brice is either. There is a review of the 6 string fretless on Harmony Central.

    When I looked at Rondo's site yesterday, there was a note that they're going to the NAMM show (National Association of Music Merchants) this upcoming week. You can still order a bass but it won't be shipped until next week...