got me a new ESP, LTD.....

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by basseddie, Aug 15, 2001.

  1. Since turning my mim jazz into fretless, i had an excuse that i could not play it well yet, so i went bass shopping the other day, and picked up a esp ltd b-205. Got it for 750 cnd and this thing is really a nice bass, well made,nice red finish and emg pups and active eq. It has a narower string spacing than the jazz, which i like.
    I didnt like the strings that were on it so got me a set of dean markly flats, and man through my peavey firebass 700 and 410 cab, this thing thunders!! Already thinking of a third bass, probably around christmas.
    Any one else use these basses??

    eddie:D :D
  2. muggsy

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    Dec 14, 2000
    Alexandria, VA
    My first bass was an ESP LTD B-204. Very well made for the $$, and it sounded great. Sold it to a friend after about a year (traded up for an MIA P-bass), and she's been gigging with it for the past six months.
  3. Those things really play like butter, and with the EMG's they sound like I want too.

    The B205 is the bolt-on, right?

    Always wanted to try a 305 or an F-205...both nice basses, 305 is neck thru. I think the F205 and B205 are exactly same in specs, just different body shapes.

    Congrats! Whats next on the list?
  4. MrFortuneCookie

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    Aug 23, 2000
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    I have an ESP F-205 that i recently got defretted. I got it new for $450. Not bad, huh? Yeah, this things kicks for the price, though personally, i love my Spector much more. hehe :p
  5. Hey PantaraFan, yes the neck is a bolt on. The store did not have a 305 in stock, so I do not know if it is a neck through. Cant seem to find the difference on the esp website, but the list price is like 200 bucks more for the 305.
    Whats next???... i dunno.... Im sure something will come up, thinking about building one of those warmoth gecko basses with the 35" neck.
    I was thinking of that peavey cirrus 5, but really didnt want to spend that kind of bread right now.