Got me a peavey firebass....

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  1. This week on tues i traded in my fender bassman 100 for a used 400 combo, nice combo, but the b string had a anoying buzz comming out of the speakers. Took it back and got a total refund. Went to another music store and tried a peavey firebass 700 thru their 115 bw cab, then through the 410 then both together. You can definatly demolish buildings with this thing. I liked the tone and sound so I bought the head and 410 cab. Still would like to get the 115 cab, but no room. the only problem with it is i tore the covering a little on the cab removing it from the car.. bummer. The first thing i did when i got it home was screw casters on the thing, man these are heavey!!!!
    These are really nice amps and cabs for the money. If i got the other cab too, the price still would have been cheaper than a swr 210 combo i looked at the other day for 1800 cnd. the peavey cost me 1400 cnd with the 115 it would have been 1750. The fender 400 used was 900 cnd and new was going for1300 cnd. And forget ampeg or eden stuff, much more than i want to spent, maybe if i was a rich rock star maybe. I think the peaveys are a good deal.
    But why are these cabs so darn heavy???
  2. A lot of people bust on Peavey but its never done me wrong or failed me. I still go back to my old TNT 130 from the 80's and find it to be a great amp. I was rehearsing with a band not long ago who had a Firebass head with the 4X10 cab and it was really nice sounding...affordable too. Peavey makes nice affordable durable made in the USA gear. I don't know why they get such a bad rap. I asked someone who was busting on them why....the only excuse he has was "Uh um...well Peavey is just...I dunno....generic" Hardly a valid excuse. As for the heaviness...they use heavy plywood on the cabs and big ass magnets on those Black Widow speakers. They're sure as hell better than anything Crate makes. I swear by the old 80's Peavey stuff, can drop those amps out the back of trucks, down stairs, even saw a friend of mine set one on fire once (don't ask!) and it still worked during and after it was blazing haha.
  3. Hey BassEddie,

    Just a question. Where did you buy your amp for 1400$ Canadian? Was it taxes included?

    I am actually looking to buy the exact same Amp.
  4. hey Turlu, i bought the amp and cab at walters music in Oshawa Ontario. The head was 779 and the cab 669, but took 40 bucks off of that for a total of 1404. plus of coarse the 15% sales tax. Good deal I thought. They also have a 115 cab there on sale for 369 bucks. I think they have a web site, or something like that.