got my bartolini's in

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by mrWr0ng, Dec 8, 2001.

  1. just threw them in tonight... so at band practice (and the gig tomorrow) i will have:
    new bartolini pickups
    new bartolini preamp
    new rotosound strings
    new eden 410XLT cab
    i think we're gonna sound like we've got a whole new bassist :)

    the preamp installation was kind of a pain, because i'm not too good at this stuff. i wound up drilling another hole for the input jack and made it go through the front of the body, instead of the side (ibanez sr405) cos i didn't want to use the old output jack. i wired everything in series, and put it in. so far everything's working great.
    sound is WOW! first immediate difference was volume, i haven't played through my eden yet but i played through my crate BX100 combo, and with both settings at 12 o'clock and the bass at max, it was almost loud enough for band practice. it's easily almost twice as loud as the bass was before.
    tone is great! i can't wait to mess around with the EQ. it was 9pm when i got it in, so i couldn't turn it up to mess with it, but i'll let you guys know how it goes after our gig tomorrow.
    my only concern is i don't have anything to hold the battery in, and there's so many wires that everything's really squished inside the compartment. it's good for the battery cos it won't move around, but i worry about things getting hot. also, i did all the wiring myself and i'm not too great at it, so the dress isn't nice. i'm sure someone with more patience could have done a much better job, and i'll probably have someone do that when i drop the bass off for a truss rod adjustment and fretjob when i get the money.
    will update tomorrow with the new sound at speed :)