Got my DP126 set - sound files here

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  1. I got my pickups promptly and they were in perfect condition - thanks to notduane for the heads up on Velvet Guitar Parts Ltd. I installed them last night, and put my new Lo-Riders on today (my first experience with DR's).

    Right now, I love how my bass sounds. I put the strings on, tuned up, gave the trussrod a tweak and then plugged in. I plucked my E and life became good :D. After a few minutes of playing, stretching the strings etc. I realised that stainless DR Lo-Riders are perfect for DGCF tuning. My bass feels like it's in standard. I'm strung .50 .70 .90 .110 high to low. I stretched the strings out a bit so they don't lose tune, and to my surprise they were perfectly intonated. The newly applied finish on the back of the neck is also silky smooth.

    Anyway, I decided to record some sound files for any folks wanting to hear the DP126 set. The bass body is poplar, maple neck, rosewood board. I play fingerstyle, slap, then pick (in that order) on each of the files. I chose Rage Against The Machine's "Bullet In The Head" to do this.

    P pickup solo

    P pickup solo, Full Tone

    J pickup solo

    J pickup solo, Full Tone

    P+J pickups, Full Tone

    I forgot about the P+J pickups solo, but suffice to say it sounds like the last example with rolled off treble. Hope you like my tone - I do!



    P.S. Any comments would be welcome.
  2. I'd like permission to put your files on my web site.

    Please email me with a full description of the bass, strings, pickups, and how it was recorded. My email is available in my signature.
  3. notduane


    Nov 24, 2000
    cool beans! :D I hope it didn't take too long to get those pups.
    Guess ya' saved some moolah anyways ;)...a new set o' DR's!

    Yikes! Them are some nasty, nasty tones ya' got goin' on there [​IMG]

    Can't wait to stick the D/m Ultra-J's in my BBn4f. I just gotta'
    find some Pyramid Pure Nickel Roundwounds ("funk" gauge :) ).
  4. I always liked the Ultra J's, but it would have been hella expensive to get one and another P pickup matched output.

    You're looking at smooth, crisp tone there friend. Not my bag (I have two screaming half-stacks to kill) but they will make you very, very happy.
  5. pc


    Apr 4, 2000
    Montreal QC
  6. notduane


    Nov 24, 2000
    Dern shame things are so `spensive that side of the pond.
    Before I stumbled into that used bbn4f, my next futziin'
    project was gonna' be an RBX270F, with a Dimarzio Split-P
    model at the neck and an Ultra-J at the bridge. Accordin'
    to the D/m web site, their outputs are both 250mV.
  7. I'd stil like to try a DiMarzio Will Power Middle split-P in my MIM. I have a Duncan Hot P in there now and it sounds just fine. Nice and loud, too.

    But... the WP Middle is supposed to be the monster grunt pickup for split-P. It heavily favors the lows and mids while rolling off the highs.

    Tinker.. tinker... tinker...
  8. gyellow


    Dec 16, 2003
    I'd like to hear the p+j flat recorded still. cool tone though!