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Got my First Bass!

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by LizardKing45, Oct 14, 2000.

  1. About a week ago, I got my first Bass, an Ibanez SR400, and a crate bx-15 practice amp.. $$$ was a huge issue for me, and i think i did pretty well for myself:) I love the bass, some others i had tried out just didnt have the same sound and feel the ibanez did.. i love it... doin pretty well playin it too..i love gettin tab and playing with my favorite songs... feels like an accomplishment. I love gettin those sabbath tunes down(geezer rocks):~)I'm happy with my amp too.. all i wanted was a tiny amp, and it couldnt be too loud due to problems with family..hehehe... I'd appreciate some opinions on my starter gear if you guys are willing...


  2. Deynn

    Deynn Moderator Emeritus

    Aug 9, 2000
    Hey! Congrats on getting your bass! It sounds like you are off to a good start...and you're right...
    Geezer rocks! :D
  3. great choice! I had an ibanez gtr50 and a fender b15 when I started a year ago! keep with the tabs until you think you can learn by ear! maybe get a teacher and learn theory too! whichever path you take.. practice! good luck man

  4. congratulations!!

    now just go out on the street and pay for some money! :D
  5. *snip*now just go out on the street and pay for some money*snip*

    play****... sorry.. I like to see correct spelling.. hehe

  6. "sorry.. I like to see correct spelling.. hehe "

    what if I meant that he should pay to get money? like giving someone $5 and steal $10 from the next guy... :rolleyes:

    thanks for correcting me :)
  7. cassanova


    Sep 4, 2000
    I think you did really well for yourself. The Sr400 series makes and excellent 1st bass guitar. Dont ya just love how slim and easy to play that neck is! Now just practice, practice, practice. Try to learn as much theory as you can too, it'll really benefit you in the long run.
  8. FaultLine423


    Aug 27, 2000
    hey, nice choice with the SR400! It was my first bass, and I've only made minor improvements (changing of strings and raising of action), but I'm very impressed with the tone that can be achieved. Plus, it's still the only four strings I own (my other bass is a Toby Pro 6). For gear recommendations, if you're into the distortion thang, I'd suggest the Boss Bass Overdrive pedal. It's a good deal, and in my opinion it's good sounding overdrive for the price. Also, GHS strings are very good for all around bass playing.
  9. gweimer


    Apr 6, 2000
    Columbus, OH
    Let's see:
    You got a bass you like
    You got an amp you like
    You're happy with what you hear (both from you and your gear).
    Sounds like a great start. Years from now, you may move on to bigger and better gear, but starting off on a positive vibe is probably the single best thing you could do.
  10. DarkMazda


    Jun 3, 2000
    Congratulations on your first Bass LizardKing45!!! Not a bad choice for the money you have.. Hey it doesn't matter if some people say "Its a piece of junk", i mean if you like the sound and tone. Hey thats your "CUP OF TEA" :) I'm pretty much a beginner myself(even doh say im not) hehe im only a 10 month player and I Have 3 basses(trying to sell one) and 2 amps(trying to sell one) so hey~ IF you like it.. Go on and Rip it up!!

  11. SFB

    SFB Guest

    Hey LizardKing45 congrats on your gear.I remember when I
    got my first guitar and amp. That was in 1968 or 69.Don't
    ever stop playing. I did in 1971 and just got some new
    gear this last January.I will NEVER stop again.
  12. CamMcIntyre


    Jun 6, 2000
    King o' Lizards, you realize you've developed a life long addiction to this stuff now haven't ya? :D The SDGR400 seems like a good bass to me. If you like your setup don't let any one else tell you other wise. TalkBass = Bass Addictcs can talk with other Bass Addicts. thats all
  13. DaveB


    Mar 29, 2000
    Toronto Ontario
    LizKing - I think you made excellent choices.Welcome to the fraternity. Beware though - GAS has already started and you may not even know that you have it.
  14. Brendan

    Brendan Supporting Member

    Jun 18, 2000
    Austin, TX
    We have yet another in our fold! Welcome aboard, and remember, Bass is the only narcotic not officially recognized by the surgeon general!
  15. my first amp was a crate and so is my current one, nice choice
  16. Congratulations and excellent choice! :D

    Enough said.

    Derek J. Power

    P.S. Rachel is smiling right now.

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