Got my first set of flats today!

Discussion in 'Strings [BG]' started by zeroncali, Sep 7, 2010.

  1. Went into town to Sam Ash looking for some new strings today. I have been looking to try flats for a while now. The only set of flats they had in 5 string was Rotosound Jazz 77. I was a little disappointed because I wanted to try Chromes but...:hyper: I LOVE THESE STRINGS! I don't think I will miss rounds all that much. :bassist:

    Edit: Perhaps I should add a question just for the sake of conversation. What are the overall opinions on Jazz 77s here on TalkBass?
  2. Ok I recorded a clip tonight just for kicks. I like that these strings still have some edge to them (which I have seen people complaining about while I was researching these strings, to each their own). This clip is recorded on my Line 6 LD300Pro amp using the headphone out going into the mic in on my laptop. I am using the front coil only on my OLP MM-3 and the R&B setting (supposedly a 68' B-15 fliptop) with boosted bass, flat low mids, boosted high mids, and boosted treble if I remember correctly. The quality isn't the best and I flub a bit, but hey I am a newbie so what can I do.

    Sorry about the breaks between finger, my sad excuse for slap, and pickstyle. I just waited for the drum loop to loop before starting again.
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    Jan 4, 2010
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    Never got to try the Rotosound ones. But when I hear talk about flats, it's usually LaBelle, Daddario (which I use and love) or Rotosound. If I could afford it, I'd try them all, but bass strings aren't cheap. Judging by the clip you posted (as heard on my "bass-less" laptop speakers) Rotosound do indeed seem to have a nice edge to them.

    Welcome to the flats family.
  4. Yeah, you don't see much talk of Roto Flats outside of Harris fans. But I am very happy with the level of edge without having that awful finger noise. They do get a very traditional flatwound thump with the right EQ. Expecially when I turn on both coils of my pickup, cut treble, boost bass and boost mids (On any of the models really).
  5. I've used the D'Addario Chromes (medium) and I like them a lot!
    I've also tried Fender 9050ML flats and guess what...I can't tell the difference between them and the Chromes!
    The Chromes have blue nylon around the ends; the Fender has green nylon around the bridge end. Other than that they seem to feel and sound the same to me. The strings themselves even look the same. For the kids who are dying of curiosity...NO, D'Addario Chromes are not really chrome looking strings. They are matte grey like other flatwounds. They are very smooth under the fingers with no noise when you slide. Nice tone on a P-bass...but, different from the Fender 9050's from what I can tell. They are similarly priced too.

    Anyone else try the Fender flats?

    I don't even think that the Chromes are easier to find than the Fenders. I think they're both avaliable and pretty much all the same places. Just sayin'...if you're dying to try some Chromes and can't find 'em. Try the Fender 9050's. IMHO, pretty much the same string.
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    i have the 4 string set on my fretless foundation - love em.

    77's are the brightest true flats i have ever tried. almost as bright as halfrounds.
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    Dec 26, 2007
    Roto 77 is the **** imo. Love em

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