Got my new cab!!

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  1. It's awesome.

    I bought an Ashdown MAG 1x15" to go with my MAG C210t-300. Pair those two together with my Yamaha TRB1006 to equal pure thunder. Beautiful, deep, punchy tone, with much more definition on the low B now. It's bloody loud too. With the volume at roughly 3/10 everything in the house shakes, at about 4.5/10 the house itself shakes. I haven't pushed it any further yet in fear the house will shake itself loose of its foundations. However, I have a gig tonight, and I will let you know how it fares!! Tonights gig will give me a chance to see how well it handles in a band situation, and a solo situation. They want me to play two solo tracks, I love my band!!


    And here's my Ashdown Drive Plus... which I also love dearly


    And for an idea of how big the Drive Plus is, because it is quite a chunky pedal, I put it down next to an A4 sized poster....


    And for the hell of it, here's my bass!!

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    Nice score:hyper:
    Glad you're loving the new rig.
    Let us know how the gig goes!

    Great pictures too:bassist: