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got my Traynor YBA200

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by learning_towalk, Jul 22, 2004.

  1. after an emotional couple of days with FedEx it got here safe and sound.

    I've only been messing with it for an hour or so but here's what i've found so far....

    This amp is made very solid! Not too heavy at all (much better than lugging my rack around!!!)

    The design is very sleek (very nice looking)

    simple eq lay out...but enough knobs to make it very adjustable.

    nice to have a preamp out/power amp in option since it only runs at 8/4 ohm...just hook up another power amp...run the preamp out to it...and boom you can hook up more cabs :D

    good to have the DI...wish it was on the back...but it's fine on the front.

    the tuner out w/ mute is gonna be great!

    upon first sound i was impressed...nice and fat, but defined

    no real noise unless you crank the treb....but even then it's not bad

    this baby demands lowend and lots of it...so I think some schroeders are heading my way soon :bassist:

    I had a 1500 dollar rack set up and this 550 dollar amp tonally kicks it to the curb.

    I can't wait till my cirrus gets here to use a higher quality bass with it!!!

    this thing is a beast, and I'm glad it's mine :)

    if it were running through an Ampeg 810 I don't think you could tell the differance between it and an SVT (of course I've only used two SVT's)
  2. Aha, I've been waiting for this post. I'm glad you like it man, I was hoping you would. I cannot wait till I order mine!
  3. THE YBA200 kicks some serious a$$, We should start a YBA200 club :)
  4. Subculture13

    Subculture13 Jamming Econo

    Apr 9, 2003
    Toronto, Ont. Canada
    Myself and 2 other fellow bass players actually conducted a blindfold test between an SVT-CL and YBA200, both running in to identical SVT8x10 cabinets. All controls set flat and all agreed that one amp sounded better than the other. It was clearer, deeper, just plain better in every way. When the sheet was lifted to see which it was that was picked, a few people around, myself included were surprised to see that the Traynor was favoured unanimously.
  5. ^ Thats awesome man! I wish Traynor would make a YBA400 sometime, how awesome would that be :evil grin:
  6. Not many people remeber this, but when Yorkville/Traynor was designing the amp, they (or at least who I STRONGLY suspect to be Yorkville) posted questions about what players would want HERE. They deleted the thread after a few days and never came out and said who they were, but the amp they described was new design production tube amp with a 200 watt output. Sound familiar? One suggestion I made was to make the amp higher powered, but they felt the cost increase would not match the added performance.

    For what they cost, just buy two of them! :D
  7. Kurisu


    Nov 19, 2003
    Saskatoon SK

    Hey, PBG, have you had a chance to try it out yet? I wonder how you would compare it to the other tube amps you have (ample) experience with. Especially re: the DB359.

    Do you guys think the low price of the YBA200 will actually hurt its sales, or just the GAS for it? I wouldn't be surprised if Aguilar's DB359 is still considered "better" even though there hasn't been a side by side shootout (that I've read yet), just because it's like 5 times the price.
  8. Lurch


    Feb 1, 2004
    I was so excited about this amp and really wanted to like it. Unfortunately, I was relatively disappointed. I keep reminding myself of its great price, and of its light weight and sleek design, but unfortunately, it just doesn't do it for me. I tried it out extensively with Berg NV cabs, and was left underwhelmed.

    First, I was suprised how underpowered it seemed through the NV cabs when compared to other amps I paired them with. I don't play in loud rock bands, but even so, I really had to crank the Traynor to get a reasonably high volume out of it. Even when it was cranked, it wasn't nearly as loud as I expected it to be, and I doubt this would cut it in a semi-loud band. I played various vintage Fender basses through it.

    Comparison, the SS Yorkville 400BH was noticably louder through the same NV cabinets, and I tried an Ashdown 500EVO and I couldn't turn it up past 1/3rd-1/2 max before it was spine curvingly loud.

    Another major disappointment for me was it's tone. It had an awful lot of high end/brightness when EQ'd flat. So much so, that I had to EQ it out for the most part. I was shocked how bright this amp is voiced. It didn't have nearly the low end that I felt it would (I own a '72 V4B, and while it can definitely be underpowered, it never lacks in low end). The shape or contour or whatever feature button it has also seemed useless to me, as it produced a scooped tone that I find to be counter-intuitive for most folks who would choose to own a tube amp in the first place.

    I've played and gigged through vintage SVTs, SVT CLs, V4B, an Eden all tube head and an old Bassman head...In the SVT cases, I find them to sound 'mediocre' and a bit harsh, yet powerful as all hell when farting around solo, but in a band context, they sound amazing. V4Bs I find to sound a bit more pleasing by themselves, but mesh up well in band contexts as well. I haven't played around enough with the Edens outside of playing through someone else's rig to be able to comment.

    Anyhow, I'm no pro, and I'm sure I'll get bashed here, but I'm just speaking my mind and experience about being really let down by this amp. I really, really wanted it to be my next acquisition, but sadly, it won't. :(
  9. I'm certainly not to going to bash you for your taste, but by your posts, it sounds as though you use the master volume volume method of volume ie-get your desired tone and then use the master volume to get the desired volume. That won't work with most tube amps and certainly contributes to your feeling that they're underpowered. Their gain staging isn't voiced that way. A V4B is only underpowered if you expect pristine clean sound all the way to max volume, so, too with the SVT. It's not a fault of an amp that you have to crank the volume knob because with most tube amps, once you're there, you're not going to need any more volume. Just as you've trained yourself to use s/s master volume setups, you have to learn how to "play" a tube amp if you want a fair comparison.

    As far as the Traynor being bright, that's a Traynor trademark. They're ALL bright with an upper midrange emphasis that most bass amps ignore. Like any other amp, tube or otherwise, you have to mate a complementary cab to it to get the best sound and a power hungry Bergie that doesn't have a lot of inherent low end without being hit by a lot of power is NOT going to sound good with a 200 watt tube amp. Your disappointment in tube amps across the board leads me to think that you're expecting the wrong things out of them.
  10. Lurch


    Feb 1, 2004
    PBG perhaps I didn't express myself clearly.

    Im not sure how I managed to express that I don't like tube amps...but anyhow, I REALLY like all those other amps I mentioned: vintage SVTs, SVT CLs, V4Bs...etc...I love them. I think in many cases that various hybrid or SS amps might sound 'better' when wanking by yourself in a shop, but I find that the amps truly shine in a band/sonic contextual environment. I tweaked all the settings on the Traynor. Varied the gain, master, everything. I've played through SVT CLs extensively and therefore am familiar with setting things correctly for myself. My V4B only has a volume, and you're definitely right on that. However, my SVT CL has a gain and master.

    Anyhow - I was really disappointed by the amp, and I had no idea that they were known for being voiced brightly, nor did I know that the NV cabs were power hungry...learn something new every day! I think I would have noticed that had the Asdown I tried through it been the 300EVO instead of the 500.

    PBG I'll share anything else you'd like me to clarify - sorry I wasn't too clear in my first post - I mostly lurk around here, but have a decent amount of experience with tube amps.
  11. Ralphdaddy

    Ralphdaddy Supporting Member

    Nov 6, 2003
    Chicago, Illinois
    I just got back from playing a YBA200 through its paired YBX1510 and actually I thought it had a bunch of low end to tell the truth. I felt it sacrificed highs for lows, but there was still plenty of high. It was VERY responsive to slapping, sounded good fingerstyle but I was also nervous about 200 watts being enough. I had everything at 5, treb, mid, bass, gain and master and all the other gadgets turned off and it was comfortably loud, but I wasn't going to push it in this little guitar shop that rattled every time I played notes on my E string, I thought it sounded pretty darn good. That's me though, I have little experience with tubes though. One thing I did notice was it has nowhere near the growl factor of my GK 700RB-II but that's to be expected. Honestly I think it's pretty sweet and I'm tempted to pick it up but keep my GK, I love that amp :)
  12. No disrespest or sarcasm or anything, but I'm curious to know how you do "play" a tube amp (because this is the amp I'm getting)?
  13. You learn to use your playing dynamics rather than a master volume knob. Turn the amp up to needed volume and let your hands do the work. A tube power stage will compress and breathe and the amp will change tonally with your attack and groove. It's weird at first, but once you get used to it, you'll never feel the same about s/s. I guess the best way to describe it is as a "feel thing."
  14. OK I see. I guess I will have to adapt to it. Thanks PBG.

  15. Exactly, its like going from an automatic (SS) car to a standard (tube). whenever i switch back to my old hatke combo i find myself trying to really dig in to get some extra oompph but all i get is that annoying popping sound.
  16. Subculture13

    Subculture13 Jamming Econo

    Apr 9, 2003
    Toronto, Ont. Canada
    This is especially true of tube amps. Most if not all SS amps can be plugged into pretty much any cabinet and are ready to rock. But tube amps are a little different. They have impedance curves that have to be attributed for. Many cabinets will sound "wrong" when plugging a tube amp into them, the cabinet almost fights the amp to produce the sound. This might be the case in the cabinets he tried. There is a reason that the Ampeg 8x10 sounds so damn good with a SVT, it was designed to work together as a system. Running the same SVT into some other cabinet may not produce as good of a tone as you are used to hearing. I suspect that the YBA200 acts like any tube amp in this regard, many cabs will work great with it, but there will be the odd one that they aren't compatible with, for lack of a better word. I have seen great reviews for the YBA200 when mated with the cabinet that they designed, the YBX1510. I have seen great reviews for a SVT-CL sitting on top of a SVT8x10. I have also heard an SVT-CL sitting on top of a pair of 4x10's and was less than impressed with what I heard. I haven't had a chance to experience that disappointment with a YBA200 yet, but I am sure if I experimented with enough cabs, I would soon enough. It's a fact of life with tube amps, if you aren't going to buy the complementary cab, then spend the time to make sure the one you are buying is going to work right with the head you have.