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Got some concert tickets at the last minute

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by jrthebassguy, May 11, 2002.

  1. A few months ago, as some of you know, ticket for Blink 182/Green Day/Jimmy Eat World (aka Pop Disaster tour) went on sale. I went to buy tickets like 5 days after they went on sale, and sadly, they were sold out. :(

    Now, the show is tonight here in my area, and yesterday I knew that, so I was feeling kinda down that I wasn't going, cause I knew it would be an awesome concert.

    But then, friday after school, I overhear a kid saying he has 2 extra tickets to the show and he wants to get rid of them. Hearing this, I jump on the opportunity. So I got one ticket, and my drummer got the other. :) And I only paid 10 bucks more than what they originally sold them for, so i didnt get screwed over or anything.

    I'm goin to Pop Disaster! :D :D :D

    (note: tomorow I'll give yall a full report of the show as i did last time i saw blink)
  2. Max

    Max Supporting Member

    Feb 14, 2000
    Bakersfield, CA
    Nice score. We had a lot of fun at that show. It was Green Day's night.
  3. I saw em Thursday night. It was incredible. (The show, not the idiots that run the Starplex.... watch out, incoming rant)

    OK, so the show is scheduled to start at 7:30. Me and friends show up at 7, figure we'd be cutting a little close, but if we wanted to buy stuff, we could do it in set changes between acts. Then we see the lines. The gate people are letting people in with the speed of a bronze medal winning special olympic hurdler. Not gold, not even silver, but bronze. Over an hour later, right after Jimmy Eat World has finished their set, we're just about to go inside. But wait, they've got a new policy. No blankets. (For those of you unfamiliar, the Starplex has a covered stage area with 6 sections (3 wide, 2 deep) and then a lawn section, which is just a big grass field, so most folks bring blankets to sit on) So, we're forced to just dump our blankets by the gate, and hope no one steals them.


    TOTALLY amazing. I was going to make a thread about this. I had somewhat lost faith in my bassplaying because I didn't feel I was progressing much, my band fell apart (actually, 2 of them), and my songwriting skills were.... not the greatest. These thoughts were gone after seeing Green Day perform. The set, in addition to being one of the most rockin' I've seen, inspired me beyond belief.

    Blink 182 was also quite good, but I think they lost something because they went on after Green Day. Great stuff, and about the last 20 minutes of their set was probably worth the price of the ticket alone. (I would have paid 1 bajillion dollars to see the Green Day one, BTW)

    The setting (not the starplex, but the weather) was quite good too. Dark clouds above, but rain wasn't supposed to hit till midnight-ish, so it was cool, and everyone figured the show would just about be over when the rain started to fall. During Blink's set, lighting was EVERYWHERE. Not wussy little lightning that barely lights up the sky, big huge lightning that makes me poop my pants. During Stay Together For The Kids, the lightning is almost in sync with the music, flashing insanely as the music gets to the harder sections.

    All in all, an AWESOME night. I hope you enjoy it.
  4. Well, last night was good, but not great.

    Here's how things went down...

    The show started at 7:00, but i didnt even get there til 8:30! You see, I wen't to my ride's house and his parents were gonna follow us to the woodlands (the venue place) cause there is a mall next to it. And we were already running late, and my friend's dad says somethin like "wow, this is taking us forever to get out of here" and my friend's mom took that really offensively, for some reason. So his parents go inside and they start yelling and screaming at each other and i can hear all of this outside. And then after waiting 30-45 minutes my friend comes out of the house and goes, "Well, looks like my parents are getting a divorce, lets get out of here" so we left.

    The very second me and my friend walk in Green Day hits the stage. With that whole ordeal earlier we effectively missed Jimmy Eat World's entire set. Oh well. Green Day rocked the place. The pits during their set were way intense. During longview i bumped heads with some guy and hurt like a beeatch, so I was done pitting for the rest of the night. Mike Dirnt's live tone kicks major booty.

    Then Blink goes on later, and I must say, I'm disappointed. They did alot better the last time I saw them. They were rushed cause of time constraints, and played maybe 45 minutes. Bummer. There also wasn't near as many cool fireworks and pyrotechnics. I must say that both Mark and Tom's tone has improved alot. Mark's tone especially shined on carousel, it was sweet. Tom sounded really good on adam's song. One of the highlight's of the set was when tom came out by himself with an acoustic and played "what went wrong" My biggest complaint is that the only pre-enema of the state songs they played were "carousel" and "dammit" and some of the crowd was annoying as heck. They also didn't tell many jokes either.

    All in all, Green Day did better than Blink. Billie Joe really riled up the crowd alot, which was alot more than what Blink ever did.

    I'd say the night was mediocre at best

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