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Got some new BMX stuff

Discussion in 'Off Topic [BG]' started by Stanley Design, Aug 14, 2003.

  1. Yeah so the blood and sweat of working all summer i bought a sock FULL of bike stuff haha. actually I bought a new frame,

    Solid - Killing Machine(600 dollars), its one of the strongest made and is so awesome, it has a cross engraved in the gusset.

    Macniel Miron forks ($221) I was gonna go with odyssey thermals but they didnt have any.

    FIT sprocket ($88) nice and beefy and probaly the best one made. pretty;)

    Regular 14t freewheel to fit my sprocket ($60)

    Snafu grips with barends ($30)

    odyssey moduelever for my brake ($30)

    primo super-tenderizer pedals ($65)

    shadow conspiracy pegs (got a steal of a deal for 30 bucks)

    so in total I just spent a total of...2000 and some dollars on my bike. wow-ness, its pretty pimped out now though.
  2. by the way if ANYONE is interested in this at all ill post pics, but i doubt anyone will lol
  3. Post pics dude...

    personally,I'd never pay $2000 for a bike...even if Britney Spears rode it naked...

    Well,maybe I'd buy the seat,but...


    Have fun with it,and be sure to lock it up man.

  4. well its not exactly a complete bike, i just bought stuff to replace my old stuff, still got my old wheels and seat and handlebars and seatpost and clamp, cranks, stem etc etc, ill have to find my digi cam, its around here somewhere, ill ask my dad where it is next time i talk to him haha.

    (and by the way i keep it in my room every night hanging on the wall, no crook will steal it with me sleeping next to it;) )
  5. oh :(

    I haven't rode a bike ina while.

    my friend got his bike stolen around here,and he was even on it.

    they asked to see his bike,and took off.


  6. i just got my s&m frame a month ago. here is my ride.

    frame: s&m dirtbike classic xl
    forks: odessey vert forks (modded so the leg wont catch)
    headset: fsa pig
    stem: fbm bottleneck
    bars: odessey milk
    lever: odessey old school lever (retro yo!)
    grips: nate hanson
    bar ends: macniel bar caps
    seat clamp: razor scooter clamp
    seat post: haro micro adjust
    seat: redline racing
    cranks: profile
    pedals: dk iron cross
    sproket: profile blackjack
    chain: Z chain
    back wheel:redline single wall
    front wheel:haro unsealed
    back tire: snafu rim job
    front tire: demotlition zepplin

    i gave my moldulever away. it was to big and bulky
    you dont live in america do you?
  7. Is there any market for old bmx bikes? I still have my GT race bike from the early-mid eighties and want to get rid of it.
  8. I got a new bike recently too, although it isn't bmx (it's a mountain bike) it is pretty sweet. I got a 2002 Kona Cinder Cone. It is pretty much stock but i had the shop do a couple of upgrades to make it more of a 2003 spec. bike. the upgrades include:

    -shimano deore XT rear deraileur
    -new Mavic x139 disc wheelset with shimano disc hubs
    -shimano machanical disc brakes (front and rear)
    -2003 marzocci bomber EXR comp air fork w/80mm travel.
  9. goodwill or salvation army. or the kid down your block
  10. I used to BMX, but I got too big to do it anymore.

    I just had a stock diamondbak skindog. Solid as hell. I kinda miss it.
  11. miccheck1516

    miccheck1516 Guest

    Feb 15, 2003
    id love to see some pics of that beauty get 'em up 'ere now!!
  12. no one is to big to do it. i am 5 11 and ride. there are guys that are 6-4 and ride bmx.
  13. By-Tor


    Apr 13, 2000
    Sacramento, CA
    You wanna hear about ancient,
    I have a Redline Squareback frame from the mid 70's.

    Oh yea, I have Flight cranks on it too, and Bullseye hubs.
  14. sounds like your rockin it out.
  15. i had a shaman with dope ass parts on it.
  16. =^..^=


    Jan 25, 2001
    Stuck on a rock !
    I wanna seee !
  17. oops i forgot about this post, yeah ill get pics up but i ruined both my hubs, the spokes are starting to snap off while im riding because i was stupid and didnt buy hubguards, ill have to buy some and put my old haro rear hub on, and im buying a new front one anyway, but next year ill get some nice ones.yeah so not all of my bike is the greatest at the moment lol, ill have to get it prime before pictures.
  18. this sucks so bad. i just got my 1200 ride stolen yesterday. im pissed