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Got the big rig, need a small amp

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by SuperDuck, Sep 10, 2002.

  1. SuperDuck


    Sep 26, 2000
    Ok, here's the poop: My big rig is all fixed and done. No worries there. What I need now is a smallish, cheap combo (all my $$ went into the aforementioned right), that will suit me for tiny gigs, church, and lessons.

    I'll be playing through a PA at church and the small gigs, so power isn't THAT much of an issue. My bass teacher plays through a Hartke B60 and I really like the way that sounds. What I'm trying to get RID of is my Peavey TNT130, which doesn't sound all that great (it just isn't my tone), and weighs a few more pounds than I am willing to lug at this point. I mean, it's a _decent_ combo, but too much for what I need. I'll probably trade it in to further whatever amp I'm looking for.

    So how about it? Besides the B60, any other good, small combos I need to be looking for?
    Thanks in advance. :)
  2. 44me


    Jun 17, 2002
    Bedford, NH USA
    Check out the Nemesis line by Eden. I have an NC-210P. It sounds great, has a very flexible preamp section that includes a line out, weighs less than 50Lbs, and it’s plenty loud for smaller club gigs. If I where buying it today, I’d probably get the 112 for a little fuller lows. However, the 210 is much more common and therefore more likely to show up on ebay.
  3. My Hartke B60 lives in my practice space. I like it a lot for small, quiet gigs and small room rehearsals. I'd just go for it. You already like the sound.
  4. SuperDuck


    Sep 26, 2000
    I probably will just go for the Harkte. The only time I've ever seen a Nemesis amp around here was when there was one used, otherwise the only dealer is in the city someplace. Ah well.

    Anyone else have any suggestions? Otherwise, it looks like the B60 is the wiener.
  5. I love my workingman's 12 for small gigs, but you need to be sure that it's enough for what you want.
  6. I really liked my old Carvin PB100-10. I still regret selling it.
  7. SuperDuck


    Sep 26, 2000
    You know, I tried the Workingman's amp, but I just didn't like it all that much. It's also a tad more than I was looking to spend. I'm being a real cheap bastard on this one.

    Pete, I didn't even think of the Carvin. How's the bass response on it? One of the reasons that I like the B60 so much is that it can go pretty deep. I don't know about one 10" speaker... the next one up is 15, and that's what I'm trying to avoid. 12s seem to be optimal at this point. What's the dilly yo? (See, I'm hip.)
  8. Beefy. Never had any problems with drop-D; I never ran a 5 through it, but I think it could handle it.

    Remember, it's got a huge cabinet-to-driver ratio. 1x10s can often have huge bass response.
  9. LM Bass

    LM Bass

    Jul 19, 2002
    Vancouver, BC
    For inexpensive combos I like the Yorkville stuff. SWR is pretty reliable and sounds good too. For more pricey stuff I'd look into Euphonic Audio. If you can get by with headphones, check out the Raven Labs PHA-1. Great stuff.

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