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  1. After waiting for almost 3 YEARS i finally got my first bass thats MINE!!!for the past five years i've been playing basses that were either was at a church or borrowed from a friend.just got it today and its my jump from four string to six and i love it!!!still tweaking with the controls but overall very decent.compared in with the ibanez sr406 when i went there in the states last september and i can say its more than a match with the one i tried there. i was also blessed coz my friend sold me his bxr100 for only about 120 USD. I'll tell a full review later but so far, very good.:D :D :D
  2. Your willingness to wait that long shows you are a bassist at heart. Congrats!

    Based on my experience and others - Don't ever sell it. It seems everyone regrets selling the first bass we ever owned. But that's usually how we got the money for our second :(
  3. Yes, I agree. I have no doubt that your new bass will bring you lots of satisfaction, and that you'll turn out to be a good, dedicated player.
    Have fun!
  4. I'm sure i will NOT regret selling my first bass as soon as i have the money to buy the one i really want...

    and probably i won't even be able to sell it
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    Congrats! Enjoy it! My brother had a Vantage for many years. It was good looking, sounded good, reliable, and well built.
  6. Thanks for the reply guys. Im really getting in love with this bass.I think the model no. is 740c.And you wont believe this but it has dual truss rods!!! Started tweaking with the neck and the rods coz i want the action a little bit lower and doing it a little bit so that i may not regret anything in the future.And i wont sell it i promise. Such opportunities are limited and i wont pass this up.:cool: