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Gotoh 201

Discussion in 'Hardware, Setup & Repair [BG]' started by Fetch Da bass, Jul 7, 2002.

  1. Yep! it's been done before......But I still don't get it..
    OK.. So if I buy a Gotoh 201 and put it on my Fender 75 MIJ RI I will not I be able to get my action as low as I like it?.... Someone here says that the Gotoh 201's will not go low enough???and I like my action as low as my frets will tolerate. Why are they Fender drop-ins ,,?,,if they will not work.....?why why!!!! I guess I could call Warmoth. I bet they know more about this than some of ya'll.. But hey... I could just get one because there only like 20 bucks,,, no big thing!!!!!!! and if it does't work I could use it a paper weight or something...
  2. The Gotoh 201 has a thicker base than the stock Fender bridge. That raises your action about 1.5 mm, if even that. The main reason the Gotoh 201 doesn't allow really low action is the size of the saddles. They are much bigger than the stock Fender. If you like the 201, and want your action a little lower, you could swap the bridge saddles from the stock to the 201. That would allow for lower action.
  3. I have the Gotoh 201 bridge and did all the measurements on it. Then I lost it somewhere in my system.

    Anyway, it is bass dependent. My MIM P and Gotoh is not acceptable. But.. my MIM J fretless will accept the Gotoh just fine. There is that much variation in production MIM basses.

    If your current saddles are raised all the way up, the Gotoh will do you just fine. However, if your current saddles are midway down or lower, avoid the Gotoh.

    Last, the Gotoh 201 is specifically designed for the MIM Fender 5-hole screw pattern. Check yours. Measurements are available for the Gotoh 201 in the Hardware section at www.warmoth.com
  4. Ok! Here is a picture of the bridge that is on it now...this bass came with it... and someone drilled new holes back and up from the old stock bridge holes. Making the placement on the neck weird..Yep I got the bass on ebay. You never know what your getting until you get it....!!!!!!! I was pissed. I knew it had this brass bridge on it but he never disclosed that it had a extra set of holes...... This bridge fits the stock holes too. it looks almost like a Gotoh 201 but it not and I really don't like brass...Oh I would put a stock Fender bridge in the original holes but the other set of hole show out at the back of the bridge..... If I got the gotoh it looks like the backend is long enough to cover up those holes. What do ya think?????
  5. sorry here's the pic's
  6. and another one.. Oh! and The E and the G string can't go much lower with is bridge....
  7. neckshim? dats how i can get low action w/o hitting the pickups or running out of room @ the bridge
  8. no need for shims on this bass ...Its got that micro-tilt thing going on.....................If I fool around with the micro-tilt I probably will not have any problems?????
  9. yes... ifyou adjust themicro tilt control you will have no problems....just be sure to loosen the strings and bolts...
  10. The rear end of the Gotoh 201 is much thicker than the stick bridge. It may cover it up. One thing that will for sure cover it up is a bridge cover. I don't know if you like them, or if it will even fit over then gotoh, but it will cover the stock bridge, and cover the other screw holes.
  11. Dude! there is No Way I am going to put one of those big ugly-ass Fender jazz bridge covers on any of my Fender Jazz basses... My 72 Jazz came with all that stuff and I never wanted to put them on even way back then ...... I have a P-bass that has the p- bass bridge cover on it and it looks ok.......I never knew of anyone who ever played with them on either.....But thanks for thinking of it.....
  12. I've got a bridge cover on my P bass, and I like it. You're right about the jazz covers though, I think they are butt ugly. I'm considering getting a P bass cover for my essex jazz.
  13. Yea. the P-bass bridge cover would look good on the Jazz... I may try that..... But you know some dick head is gonna come up to you and say "thats not there correct bridge cover man!!" asswipe!!!!!
  14. Yeah maybe, but thats is when you can turn around real fast and bash his head in with the headstock. :D
    It's a real fun trick if you don't mind cleaning blood matted hair off your tuning keys.:eek:

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