SOLD GOTOH 5-string Bridge (BLACK)

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    I don't have model number information on this bridge. It's used, and in good working condition with only a little wear to the black finish. It came to me mounted on an Ibanez 5-string body (see my other listing for that). I believe it might be a "Very rare discontinued bridge like the ones that came on the Roscoe Beck Fender and the Yamaha BB5000A Wide model." (see this link for comparison). The string spacing is fully adjustable across a range of 70-80 mm ( 17.5 to 20mm string spacing)

    Price includes postal shipping to anywhere in the world.

    Two ways to own this:

    1) purchase: $60 to paypal.
    2) Trade for your good will! (this option is only available to facebook users, sorry...) Make a donation of ten dollars or more to my fiancée's Facebook fundraiser, and then share it.

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