Gotta call Dave -- Avatar choices!! Help!!

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  1. okay, help me choose!! I have been reading all the reviews and thinking of taking a chance with a mail order cab - something I normally would not do! This is what I am thinking:

    1. Neo 410 (4 ohm (i think))
    2. Neo 210 (8 ohm)
    3. 212 Delta LF (8 ohm)

    Ideally, looking for a stand a lone cab for small, medium gigs, straight ahead playing, rocky praise band - oldies rock, stuff like that. If I got the 410, I probably would not think of adding anything to it.

    Looking for punch, deep, low end, shake stuff, more "hi-fi" than vintage, flat freq response - able to do mids with clearity but still have solid low end.

    My last rig was an Eden metro - 400 watts - 2x10" - not bad.

    I have not got it yet, but looking at Yorkville's XS-800 head - 600 watts @ 8 ohms, 800 @ 4.
    Thanks :cool:
  2. CamMcIntyre


    Jun 6, 2000
    I played a B212 [i bought a 4 ohm] in a wide variety of settings. One of those settings was a praise and worship band. I liked how the sound no matter what style i was playing-fit. Now that i don't have my trusty rack+2X12 and i'm just playing through various SWR WM12s & WM15s [their the amps that the school has] man do i miss that thing.

    I do not have experience with their neo cabs. I had a B210 Delta that i used for small/med gigs as a standalone-compared to my other cabs [B212 & a B115H w/the kappa pro LF speaker] it was quite bright.

    That's all
  3. Thanks! The feedback on the 212 is stellar, so what you said makes sense.