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gp3, gp4, gp5!!

Discussion in 'Off Topic [BG]' started by Fontaine, Jun 24, 2007.

  1. Fontaine


    Apr 27, 2006
    anyway i can get my mp3 files ot these forms...cuz im lost lol
  2. TrooperFarva


    Nov 25, 2004
    New City, NY
    Aren't those guitar pro files?
  3. Fontaine


    Apr 27, 2006
    i have no idea....anyway i can convery mp3 to those?
  4. Why do you want to?

    If you actually explain what you want to do, and in a sensical fashion, people might be more likely to help you.
  5. Fontaine


    Apr 27, 2006
    well i have a program that won't take ant mp3 files...but it does take the gp ones.
  6. Nappa


    Dec 20, 2006
    Fargo,North Dakota
    What would this program be?
  7. Yeah, seriously...

    Those are guitar pro formats, each number being consecutive versions of it. The program deals with midi type files, therefore you cannot import an mp3 file into it. Unless you convert the mp3 into a midi, then import the midi into guitar pro and save that as a .gp# file, then I don't see you accomplishing this -- this being, who knows what. If you told us the this, we may be able to help more.
  8. The short answer is no. You can't do it.
    You can not open .mp3 files in guitar pro and convert them to tab automatically.

    Time to work on figuring out music by ear.
  9. Ummm, I've exported GuitarPro files to song format...lemme see...

    Ahhh yes. Open the song in Guitar Pro. Click File --> Export.

    Then choose a format. Wave works well.

    Then click "Play" in Guitar Pro. "Stop" ends the track...or when it gets to the end.

    I've exported a few tracks I wrote in this manner to communicate ideas, but I don't have a wave to mp3 converter to share them with you guys for a review...besides I don't think they are very good, except the ones that are...and those I want all to myself :)
  10. johnvice


    Sep 7, 2004
    Do you mean covert the *.GP* file to MP3 or
    do you mean covert the *.MP3 file to *.GP3 ?
  11. Well, seeing as he is trying to load .mp3 files INTO guitar pro, I don't think he wants to export them or convert the .gp* files to .mp3. :confused:
  12. Converting them to MIDI, then importing them works.

    Hey, at least it's a start!
  13. Converting into Midi is almost impossible. For him to convert an mp3 into a midi to guitar pro, he would have to have each individual track placed into MIDI, at least if he wanted to do it properly that is. It is almost impossible to straight up convert a song to a midi though.

    It would really help if he just told us what he needed the GP files for so we can see how we can help him.
  14. Fontaine


    Apr 27, 2006
    do you mean covert the *.MP3 file to *.GP3

    and its tuxguitar lol.
  15. Okay, what I can gather from some minimal research into this TuxGuitar program is that it is basically Guitar Pro, where you can edit multi-track tablatures. It opens guitar pro files.

    Guitar pro files are not mp3, they are midi formats.

    Mp3's will not be put into guitar pro. If you have a specific mainstream song you want in guitar pro format, then you can search http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/ for the song, in guitar pro format, download it, and then put that into this "Tux Guitar" program.
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