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Grab a Peavey Firebass 700?

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by S. Byrnes, Apr 6, 2005.

  1. There's a used Firebass for sale near here. Its a white faced model, says its been in a smoke free house, never gigged with, and only used at low volumes (yeah right). It appears to be in good condition from the picture. Should I go for it at $300 out the door? I know it weighs 55lbs but I don't live in the city or anything and don't mind the weight. I play metal and new metal with slapping and funky stuff. I could use an old Hartke 4x10 untill I get an Avatar neo or something similar. I don't really see how I could get the same watts with any other head for $300 so the deal is looking good to me. Thanks
  2. alembic5


    Dec 5, 2004
    Seattle, Wa.
    Pretty solid head with great power and decent tone. I'd go for it...
  3. Ralphdaddy

    Ralphdaddy Supporting Member

    Nov 6, 2003
    Chicago, Illinois
    I always really liked that head when I played it before my lessons... I say give it a shot.
  4. MJ5150

    MJ5150 Terrific Twister

    Apr 12, 2001
    Olympia, WA
    That amp is super loud. I played on one for a few gigs with a Peavey 810. It is great for screaming loud rock music. I believe it will do a 2ohm load as well. All I remember was how loud that thing was when I was playing. Sure, the 810 had something to do with it, but it is a loud amp for sure.

    The price is about right. I have seen them sell at a few shops around me for $275. I always wanted to buy one.

  5. matt bass

    matt bass

    Apr 28, 2003
    Staffs, England
    My giging amp. Loud as hell, solid as a rock. At that price, you cant complain.

    Have fun.

  6. DWBass

    DWBass The Funkfather

    55lbs??? Does it really weigh that much?? That's insane for an amp head!! My cabs don't weigh that much!!
  7. I have one, white faced too. Dude, get ready for some loud ****! You may want to factor in Chiropractor bills :)
  8. peabody

    peabody Supporting Member

    Oct 31, 2002
    La Crosse, WI
    I had one for awhile...it is loud, dependable and heavy. Look at the bright side, at 55 lbs, it's less than a vintage SVT which runs about 80 lbs. $300 is a fair price.....
  9. I would get one and I believe it's the same as mine. I bought the Max 700 and I haven't had the opportunity to get it to 2 ohms but it has good tone and massive power for the price.
  10. Nice, I picked it up today. I don't have a cab with me though so I cant really play on it. It sure is heavy though! I played it through an SWR triad at the sellers house. It sounds pretty good, a little brighter than my Fender combo but not in a bad way. The owner is selling it because he has some displaced discs in his back, so this isnt a good head for him anymore. It's built like a tank though and in perfect condition so I'm happy.