SOLD Grace Design Alix preamp, EQ & DI **Excellent Condition**

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  1. scubaduba

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    Dec 23, 2003
    This is a phenomenal device. An absolutely killer studio or stage friendly preamp with a plethora of functionality and versatility. It has a big, spacious studio quality tone and is incredibly quiet.

    The on board HPF, sweepable mids, boost, and Mids Q options are awesome. Top-of-the-line build quality and components. There is something really magical about Grace products. Easily one of my top preamp choices.

    So why am I selling? Primarily because I want to get an Arkham Oracle to directly compare to my Noble. So I am freeing up some cash to do so. No doubt I will get another Grace Alix someday. This is a short term separation.

    In the meantime, I am open to trades for an Arkham Oracle.
    Otherwise, $540 shipped CONUS with original box and manual. These are $700 new.

    This one is pretty much in like-new condition I'd say.

    IMG_3303 2.JPG

    IMG_3343 2.JPG

    IMG_8880 2.JPG

    IMG_2108 2.JPG

    IMG_3011 2.JPG
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    I will concur with scuba’s description of this. It’s an exceptional piece of gear. Articulate/precise and round/warm at the same time. I own one and an Oracle and that’s one decision I’m not looking forward to having to make.
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    Had one of these and the only reason I parted with it was to upgrade to its big brother, the 2-channel FELiX. These Grace Designs preamps are so clean and articulate, loaded with features, and built like tanks! Someone will be very happy with this purchase!

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