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SOLD Grace Designs Alix Preamp DI EQ with original box: Shipped.

Discussion in 'For Sale: Double Bass Amps, Strings, & Accessories' started by wheelsup247, Aug 24, 2021.

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    These are great for upright (and a electric bass). If you are reading this you know all about them…info provided below provided for reference / convenience. Price in original box $475. Shipping Included. Contiguous United States only please. PayPal only Please. No trades please. Thank you.

    I really like the ease of dialing in a killer sound and the quietness. It really helps me control feedback when playing upright amped up and get that nice open sound. It is equally wonderful with my electric basses. Pure open clean tone with solid fundamentals in my opinion.

    Like its big sibling the FELiX, ALiX is built into the same roadworthy floor unit chassis, portable enough to throw in your bag or strap to your pedalboard, but still deliver studio quality sound to the stage. With the same stunning audio performance and legendary reliability as our pro audio range, ALiX brings open, musical and nuanced sonic character to any performance situation.

    The same powerful eq section as the FELiX allows simple and intuitive tone shaping. The high pass filter cuts 12dB per octave from 20Hz to 1kHz, and can also be set as a notch filter for chasing down problem feedback or rumble areas. Parametric midrange covers from 70Hz all the way to 8KHz, and fixed low and high controls are carefully voiced for musical shading of bass and treble.

    Controls are dead simple and clearly marked on the panel, making them easy to read and tweak on a dark stage. Footswitches include a mute / tune switch for muting all outputs except the dedicated tuner out, and a boost switch which activates the 10dB variable boost circuit.

    The instrument input has a 3 position impedance switch to ensure your pickup system sounds its very best. The isolated DI output with our custom wound transformer delivers stunning clarity and bass response with incredibly low noise. A dedicated, level controlled amplifier output can be used to drive a stage amp or personal monitor, and a dedicated tuner output stays active when all the other outputs are muted.

    Power is supplied by a universal 100-240VAC input module. 12V phantom is available in the line input for electret / lavalier mics, and we’ve even included a 9VDC 500mA BOSS™ style pedal power output jack, so you can power your tuner and effects right from your ALiX. A TRS insert is included for adding effects.

    Regardless of what you play – ALiX is designed to help you sound better, play better and deepen the bond between you and your instrument.

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