Graphic and Semi Parametric?

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  1. Bass18

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    Jul 21, 2001
    Whats the difference between a graphic equ' and a semi-parametric or parametric equ?

    Also, when trying out amps in stores, what is the best method to accurately compare? I know you should have the equ set flat and just muck around with the tone knobs, but is there anything else?
  2. Geoff St. Germaine

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    Aug 31, 2001
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    Ok, well there is a big difference between a graphic and a semi-parametric eq. First of a graphic eq allows boosts and cuts at predetermined frequencies, which is dependent on the number of bands that the graphic eq has, I have generally seen 7 to 10 band graphic eqs. Semi-parametric eqs are a little different, first off there are generally less bands of eq, I've seen 3 on SWR, 5 on Eden (but only hi-mid, mid and lo-mid are semi-parametric), but on each band you can adjust the frequency of cut or boost (within some range, say 1.5kHz to 4kHz) and then also the level of cut or boost. I personally don't like either of these systems, I find it takes too long to dial in the tone you want, but personally I prefer the semi-parametric a bit, as I usually just leave the freqs set to the middle and use the boost/cut control. IMO a well voiced 3 band EQ is all I need.

    In the shop, I generally try to see the limits of the amp, how much bass it can put out, how much high, of what quality the sound is and what the limits of tone shaping are. It is somewhat dependent on what cabinets are hooked up, so I try to try all the amps I am interested in with the same cabs. This works, so long as the same store sells all the amps you are interested in trying, but sometimes it doesn't work. Where I live there was a bit of a problem with this as one store sold SWR, another sold Ampeg and Eden and another sold GK. But now it is a bit better as the SWR store now deals Eden and Ampeg as well.

    But, I'd have to say that overall it comes down to how much you change your amp settings, and whether the amp can dial in the sound you want, or at least which one sounds the best to you.