Graphite necks! Modulus/Status?

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  1. Anyone playedeither status or modulus?
    I love the Status 'through neck' Graphite idea, but the bodies and electronics are 80's and angular and ugly.
    Modulus have gorgeous bodies, but only 35" scales and bolt ons etc....

    Sounds/feel/comparisons/experiences please folks

    The Status S2 and Modulus Quantum mainly. I place myself in your capable hands ladies and gentlemen.
  2. BassyBill

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    Mar 12, 2005
    West Midlands UK
    I have a Status S2, neckthrough, headless. Nice and light,great balance!!

    I used to have a Series 2000 back in the 80's, had to sell it when I was broke and regretted it ever since.

    The S2 is an awesome bass, very distinctive tone. This means you'll either love it or hate it depending on what you're after, but quality and playability are second to none. I love the look myself, but YMMV etc etc etc

    I may record a few clips with it later in the week, I'll keep you posted!
  3. that would be wonderful bill! Alot of my work involves chords plyed underneath to false harmonic/tapping passages. Ive just been told about the amazing balance and clarity of graphite necks. Dont you think the S2 is a tinyyy bit ugly? Its just the riight angles! i cant understand them!

    Ever tried a modulus?
    I hear Rob green is a lovely chap though.
  4. BassyBill

    BassyBill Still here Gold Supporting Member

    Mar 12, 2005
    West Midlands UK
    As I said, I really like the look myself. Mine's pretty similar to this one, only neck though instead of bolt-on.
    You're dead right about the amzing clarity, and yes Rob Green is a great guy, very helpful and service is A1 as well as quality/attention to detail.

    I like Rob's stuff so much I also have two Jazz basses with Status graphite necks (a fretted and a fretless). Awesome instruments!


    Fretless sound clip


    Fretted sound clips..

    Diggin in!

    Gotta love Status!! :D
  5. SFjonstarr

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    Nov 4, 2005
    Are you looking for a 4 string or a 5 or six. I haven't played the Status stuff but I've had great experiences with Modulus gear. I used to own a Quantum 5 with Bartolini pickups and the sound was about ideal. I come from a Jazz Bass backround so the thickness of the neck and the 35'' scale was a bit too much for my left hand. I wound up selling it to a friend of mine who plays P-basses and Stingray 5s and it turned out to be perfect for him. They do make 34'' scale basses as well. I just scored a 34'' scale Flea 5 with jazz bass pickups on E-Bay and think it will be just the ticket for me. The headstock isn't as cool looking though, and no quilted maple, just solid black with white pearloid pickgaurd. I wouldn't worry about the Moduluses being bolt on, as they sustain and push fundamental like neck throughs. You also have an easier time adjusting the neck angle to your liking with the truss rod. I don't know if you can do that on Status basses. Some of the older Modulus basses don't have truss rods, so I would personal avoid them, but I hear they stay pretty stable over time. Modulus put out very consistantly high quality instruments and I also support their ethical wood purchasing practices. I believe they only purchase wood from sustainable wood growers. Another company you should check out would be Zon. They make very high quality graphite neck basses as well. I tend to prefer their fretless stuff though. What kind of neck profile are you looking for?
  6. lovely clips bill, the jazzes look beautiful!
    At the moment im playing a dearmond pilot deluxe 6, for some reason i simply havent played a better 6 yet! suprising considering the price. Its neck through and the profile is fairly thin, I have a warwick 5 but i hardly ever use it now, the neck is just like a plank of wood, horrible now! Still i suppose they have their charms.

    Modulus tend to look more like complete instruments, status like a consolidation of separate parts. Zons i havent tried, i friend of mine had a zon legacy (is that right?) 4 and it was just a bit plastic-y!

    I love the look of sweetspot 6s from modulus and the glass finishes. But then status is british which as an englishman i feel obliged to help out and appear to be more flexible in terms of options (im a big fan of 34.5" scales)
  7. First, the blunt expression of your taste might offend others. Keep that in mind. ;)

    As posted above, what width of neck are you looking into (4 or 5 strings). What type of music are you playing?
    I believe Status and Modulus are far from each other in terms of tone.
    Also, one brand you haven't mentioned is Zon.

    I am a long time Status fan, but the neckthrough is way more expensive than the bolt on. You can find used ones (I saw a couple at Bass Exchange and Bass Central).
    The sustain is amazing on the neckthrough.
    I believe the new Status KingBass has rounder shapes than the angular ones that you find ugly ;)
    Check Status website.

    Keep in mind that the preamp makes also a huge difference. Status has a custom one and Modulus uses the barts or the aguilar.

    Yay another graphite neck switcher! :hyper:
  8. Zooberwerx

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    Dec 21, 2002
    Virginia Beach, VA
    I have both a Modulus Gen 5 and Status Stealth 5 (graphite neck / graphite wrapped body). They're two entirely different creatures in terms of tone. The Status is the more comfortable of the two, the Mod has better balance and response in the low end. Thanks to the graphite neck construction, both have amazingly low, buzz-free action. You can't go wrong either way. For the record, both instruments have truss rods.