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  1. There's a truism that a happy customer shares the good experience with 3 other people, whereas an unhappy customer shares with 9. I hope to exceed that by sharing a great purchase experience I had with Music Store Live to whomever reads this.

    I've been in the market for a 4 string Jazz bass for about 8 months and had narrowed it down to a Fender American Standard Jazz. Some bad experiences with my 2 other non-US made basses and a limited selection in my area steered me to the Fender solution. Well, after waiting more than 4 months for my local Fender dealer to get an AmStdJ in with no luck, I stumbled across an ad in the TB Bazaar for new G&L basses at Music Store Live. Now I had never even SEEN a G&L, but only knew it from the company's reputation and customer reviews. Being that they were designed by Leo, how far off could I get?

    The purchase experience started with an email to Brian at Music Store Live asking for a quote. Well silly me was asking about the wrong model and Brian quickly figured out what I was really looking for and suggested JB with an absolute killer price. The bass was on order and would be arriving to MSL from Fullerton shortly. Now - get this: Along with an unbelievable price, there is free shipping, a 14 day trial period, and if you don't like the instrument they will take it back no question asked AND cover the return shipping. What the heck! Leo, great price, 14 day trial, no risk... Pull that trigger!

    When the package arrived, I opened it up and found.... a beautiful sunburst JB-2! Well shoot.... might as well plug it in. I absolutely fell in love. The tone was to die for. The bass a full 2 pounds lighter than my Sterling Ray34, slimmer neck, and beautifully intoned all the way up the neck.

    After talking with Brian, we found that G&L sent them the wrong bass(!) and the MSL shipping department in their desire for quick turn-around got this out the door before finding out this was not the droid (er bass) I was looking for. Brian apologized for the mix up and was more than willing make it right - taking the JB-2 back and getting a JB if that's what I wanted. I asked (begged? sobbed?) about keeping the JB-2 - there's no way I wanted to part with this instrument. Brian then informed me that they OWED ME A REFUND! The quoted JB price was still a great deal for a JB-2, but he wanted to pass on the original great quote to this instrument. What a freaking win situation all around.

    I am pleased to do business with Music Store Live and do not hesitate to recommend them.
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    I agree. I did business with these guys and they are top notch. They even offer FREE RETURN SHIPPING.