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great deal on us bass balls.

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by warwickben, Jul 15, 2002.

  1. about 3 weeks ago i bought a bassballs pedal new for 60$.this is the one made in ny.i went to guiatre center a week later for the sale befor the big sale.for people who have shoped there befor.i saw a ny bassballs there being sold for 200$ used.i lol when i saw it for that much and my dad couldnt belive it. o yeah i got the pedal from well i bought it from the home store mr music in allston mass.this place has the best deals and allways has great used fenders.
  2. Must have been a vintage one. They sell for $90 new, so $60 is a fair price for a used one. I've seen them go for around $45 quite often
  3. i got mine new for $60.its a new york modle.the one at guitar center was 2000 and it was going for us$200. i think they must of messed up damm guitar center.