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  1. I went to a music store today and found a peavey 215 bass cab for $250 its in almost mint condition and it has the 70s tolex cover on it. is this a very good cab for the price or should i look elsewhere? if not they also have a kustom tuck and roll bass cab and head in mint condition.I was surprised to say the least :eek:
  2. Like all 70's Peavey bass gear, it's solid (translate: heavy) but should do quite well if you like the 2x15 sound (which I do). Be forewarned it's probably not good for more than 200 to 300 watts (check to see if there's a rating).

    I have an old Kustom tuck-and-roll its day (35 years ago), these were OK, but a) the original Kustom company went out of business years ago, so there's no factory support now, b) some of the amp's components are obsolete and difficult to find in case repair is needed, c) the amp will be underpowered by today's standards--their "K250" which was their biggest head, only puts out 130 watts into 4 ohms; d) these amps run very hot--no cooling fan and virtually no heat sinking, e) the Kustom cab really isn't built all that solid compared to other 2x15 cabs (for example the Sunn 215 or probably even the Peavey).

    The Kustom rig has a cool, old-school vibe, but it's not up to everyday gigging anymore IMHO. My Kustom rig is sitting in the corner of the basement, ready to serve...but it's relegated to the 3rd or 4th string backup spot.

    So if you want a museum piece, go for the Kustom, if you need a solid cab, the Peavey could work well for you but the drivers may need reconing after many years. I'd wave no more than $200 cash at the folks for the Peavey if you really want a 2x15...maybe even start with $150 and see if they nibble, remind them that those are 30 year old drivers and reconing ain't cheap.
  3. thanks i guess Ill go for the peavey after all it was what Ive been looking for. im going to run it with a mark III 130 watt head that i have :bassist:
  4. Should be a good match...check to se if both drivers are working correctly first. To check, plug in a speaker cable into the cab, then touch a small battery to the cable and watch the speaker cones move. Both cones should move, in the same direction, when you connect the circuit with a battery. If only one cone moves, there's a blown driver. If one cone moves in and one moves out, the speakers are wired out of phase (simple fix).
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    I'd pass and toss your cash on an Avatar 2X12 in a heart beat. Old drivers built with old technology, heavy weight and bulky size, I can't say it's a good choice really at all. And those old drivers are going to have pretty limited range in the upper mids and treble, the definition won't be there.

    Other than all that, I'd say go for it!

  6. but maybe he wants the sound of old technology, with "limited ranges in the upper mids and treble...."

  7. Ive got a Peavey 215D BW, its the deep version of the cab and is loaded with black widdows, i got it in pretty good condition for £75! :D

    Amazing cab, really excellent!
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    is it BW equipped, and the old school peavey stuff esp the 215 sounds awesome. if you like 2x15
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    if it is the 215D with black widows then it's a great cab. The shallow one was only about 13" front to back, and really didn't sound all that great. the deep one is much better sounding.

    I hope you have friends with strong backs and a car (truck) that it fits in. I gigged with one for years back in the '80s. It was very cool, but very big.