Great Gig last night, or 'Why I Play Bass'

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    Consider this a 'Positive Rant'. As bassists, and musicians and artists, we work with so many 'variables' that when it finally all comes together it should be celebrated IMHO.

    Think about it: choices of Bass, strings, setup, pickup (or mic or...) amplifier, speakers, stage position etc etc.

    Last night I played with one of my 'regular' groups which I really enjoy, Piano, Bass, Drums, Vocalist. We've had many good gigs but they rarely come together as well as last night.

    Perhaps most importantly to me - My Bass 'Sound'. I've gone through about 5 different amps and several pickups (and different strings) since I came back to playing a couple years ago. I now have a 7/8 Shen Gemunder wearing Helicore Hybrid Light strings (with a Spiro Mittel E) and Gage Lifeline Pickup. I am playing through a Genz Benz 3.0 8t amp (14 pounds and the whole 'combo' fits in my little gig bag) sitting on top of a Fender Neo 12 when I 'need a little more'. The last couple times I've played that room I've had people in the audience comment on how 'clear' my bass sounds. Putting the speaker on a chair and the GB Shuttle on top of that puts the 8 inch speaker at ear level which I LOVE. Last night the pianist said my bass sound 'had a lot of presence' and he said: "Now don't touch a thing for a Year, take a 'Gear Moratorium'. My wife loved hearing that!

    Also, last night we had a 'sub' drummer. An Old Fart, like me (both in our 60's). He played with such sensitivity and restraint (and so quietly when called for) that it was a whole new feeling - Wonderful.

    The piano player also brought his QSC10 which we used as a stage monitor which allowed us to hear a much better 'mix' on stage. Without that, it was hard to hear enough piano or vocals.

    Add to all the above the fact that we had a very full and appreciative audience AND a wonderful appreciative Club Owner whose mission is to support jazz and it was an almost magical night.

    I know not all gigs can or will be something that special, but it's great to have it happen sometimes and show us how high we can push the bar.

    My son called this morning and asked how the gig went. I had to say 'Fabulous'. Just couldn't resist sharing some good feelings.

  2. Nice! That 3.0-8T is a great amp for upright, I have one too.
  3. I know that feeling also.... getting the sound balanced is MUCH harder than it seems. A sensitive drummer truly is a God-send. :)
  4. Have had a couple of those recently myself. It makes all the hassle and gear fretting worthwhile, doesn't it? Congrats.
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    sounds like a great evening Rick. Thanks for sharing.