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    Dec 12, 1999
    Encino, CA (LA)
    Well, they have arrived! I had a custom set of high-quality cordura covers made for my VERY difficult
    to cover Mesa Buster "Wedge" 2x10-(Picture Below)
    I am sorry I don't have a digital camera, because the product I had made by:
    is top-rate 1st quality through and through!
    WHATEVER you need or want, they got you covered!
    Really, to even tackle the Buster was enough in that Tuki and LeCover would not-But the fit was supreme, and they took the time to send me a diagram for the 20(!!) different measurements required.
    Note that there were openings required for a telescoping handle on one side and inline wheels on the other, as well as many different angles to consider. They even added a reinforced backing on the rear slope that protects the 6 mighty tubes that light up this beast!! The cover secures with overlapping velcro'ed corners and held on by a velcro strap. Great design & cutting on their part.

    I had a cover made for the standard shaped Diesel 1x15, with a pocket added for cables, and they added "Mesa Engineering"
    labels I provided, sewn on the front-fantastic look.
    Please patronize Peter & Kelly if yoiu have need of covers for your amp, rack, head, whatever.
    I cannot imagine better work done, the lead time was quick & the pricing was right-but most of all-
    WOW! Great Job!...BTW...
  2. Whats a ball park figure for what you paid for your case(s). I have a Stained Birch Bage End Cabinet that Im almost considering kicking down for an Acme hard case.. but soft cases/covers are much more convenient.
  3. LarryJ

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    Dec 12, 1999
    Encino, CA (LA)
    I paid $90 for the Buster & $80 for the Diesel cab- for their top-end "F1" codura padded covers, with an added hard reinforcement on the back section of the "wedge" amp.
    Your Bag End may be less; they'll be happy to quote I'm sure.
    I have other covers, including Tuki's for my Ampeg;
    I've had LeCover custom fit for a G-K 400RB-
    Although the dernier-specs of Cordura are probably alike, I must say that Undercovernyc has the finest quality cutting, seams, fit I've ever seen.
    How about a Burgundy cover for your cab??