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    a bass message board moderated by watt, what a great idea! well let me make with the questions for what seeing as that's what this thing is here for.

    watt, i read that you plan on using a pick (like you did for j) on your new record because you don't want to lose the abilty to do so again. what about effects? i know you've used some envelope filters in the passed and j had you using an overdrive. any plans of using some pedals in the future? it would be interesting to see you with a nels sized pedal board!
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    Aug 24, 2001
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    thank you much. I haven't been big on effects. seems to suck the fatness out of the low end. the sunn 1200s I have has a compressor but w/two bands - one for low end and one for high - I like that. I've always used some compression mostly. I don't use too much so you can still have dynamics. helps saves speakers to have some though and helps the "plink" (j's words).

    I'm using a pick w/some songs on the new record. some on the next tour too. it was seventeen years since the last time I used the pick and this time I plan on keeping it in my arsenal so I can always go to it if I want. if you don't use it, you lose it. I think it's good to have as many techniques as possible going for you so you can be flexible. better than a command on effects. cuz of where our frequencies are, a lot of that stuff gets lost and we get tiny and lose punch. be careful w/effects. one big way to change your sound is where you strike the string - by the bridge or by the neck - big difference and easy to do on the fly. also, how much finger, how much nail.

    you don't have to spend money to get different sounds w/bass.

    on bass, watt