great "new" band story...

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by Reverend G-Money, Feb 19, 2005.

  1. This is amazing. first the background....

    I helped start a Ska/Reggae group (horn section too whoo hee) about 4 years ago, and a few of the members had some bad reputations around town for being jerks and drunk clowns. i used my somewhat respected (locally) name at some clubs to get them back in becasue i believed in the music. It worked..... well, the main dude turned out to be a putz so i quit. AFTER i recorded the cd. i got no credit in the disc except ".....,gus,....." and that was it. Even worse, the guy that replaced me was a really good friend, and since i'd known these guys most of my life, it was hard to be bitter. So i went my way, the went theirs..

    They did the Big Reggae on the River festival in Norcal, eek a mouse, marley brothers, MAD SHOWS BIG TIME..... my other band didn't.

    Their bassist quit last month. I got my job back. I'm about to tour and do japan later this year. HOLY Bassbin Batman!!. i'm so blessed to hjave this opportunity to play music I WROTE and to enjoy it without being an *******.

    thanks for readin my excitement.!!!! the band is listen to "smuggler's run" (my bassline beeyatch!!!). i'm just on a good one right now.
    Thanks TB, I'm stoked to have a cool place to be happy about this!!
  2. You suck, and you'll never amount to anything!!!!

    Only kidding, sorry! Grats dude.


    Edit: Great site, are you featured on the homepage, and if so, which one are you?
  3. nah, i recorded all the material years ago.. i play with these cats right now... but.... :cool:
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