great tip for slappers and those learnin to slap

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    Jul 24, 2001
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    ever heard of kinestenic memory? its when your muscles remember what your hands do.well when i first started playing bass, i sucked at slapping but i tried to learn a few fast slapping songs like (take the power back by ratm) and if you just keep practicing you'll get to it.well,first thing to do is practice in doubles real fast for a while till you can hit any string twice real fast,then move on to triples and so forth now i can play real fast slapping songs and can slap faster than other bass players who play with a pick.and remember ,dont move on until you are completely comfortable with what you have already.

    hope i helped!?
  2. rage against the machine! ahh thats brings back memories, i was just a young lad, being influenced by the their music, well for a week, a friend said " can you play this?

    you guessed it, take the power back, gave it a go, took about 3 minutes.

    i think, and i'm no expert on slapping, but i know how to do it well enough, the key isn't to think, " i heard that really amazing RHCP song, i'm gonna learn that till my fingers bleed" you'll become a one trick pony

    we all start this way, but you learn a song, and your happy!, but slapping and popping as a way of playing your bass has many different sub genres

    take flea for example, he wacks the $hit out of his strings, i personally don't like the way in which he plays, i much prefer his fingerstyle funk playing. but it has opened up bass playing and bassist to younger players, just look around here, 10, 11, 12 year olds, they may not have picked the bass up without role models. they certainly have benefitted from the internet and TB.

    i'm 19 and when i started with guitar, the internet wasn't even a viable home application. that was a good 10 years ago.

    i know i'm going off on a tangent, but what i'm using this replay for is:

    "cool, you've got the enthusiasm, you want to slap, your not gonna loose anything from trying, but don't let it rule your playing, and if you do start playing slap, understand it's applications within a musical context.
    look at guys and bands like RHCP, RATH etc

    but consider where it came from, you don't have to look all the way back, i wasn't born whe it all started, and i don't know if i understand it's conception that well

    you could look at guys like marcus miller

    really nice guy, responds to post personally, he's my fav bassist, and his playing style as many will agree is amazing.

    look at other styles of music that use slapping , it doesn't have to be jazz or funk orientated,

    a good place to start would be Billy Gould from the band Faith no more

    really simple bass lines, not easy by any means, but a good paced place to start, this will allow you to practice all that somethigtosay said

    take your time, learn the techniques first, then appyly them

    theres so many variations of one technique, but start with being able to slap with your thumb, all the strings, then popping, the you can move on

    i encorporate, things like strummed harmonics, harmonics, chords, all different methods

    right i know i've gone on, but i see so many "slapping help posts" that i really want to help

    good on you "somethingtosay"

    if anyone beginners who want any help with technique etc give me a shout, Private message me


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    Sep 4, 2000
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    Usually the way to go is to practise something very slowly until you get it right, and then gradually increase the tempo.
    When you play something fast right away, it tends to masks mistakes and wrong technique, and it's very hard to correct faulty technique later on once it's established.
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    May 12, 2001
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    slapping is fun, and take the power back did take approx 3 minutes, but what a 3 minutes eh?
  5. what you've got to remember is that slapping is just another technique in your armoury

    if we all learned to play bass using slapping and popping, we'd probably be all trying to learn fingerstyle, and the young guy's would be saying

    did you see flea on Mtv last night playing that fingerstyle technique? i'm gonna master that

    it doesn't matter how you applie it, a bridge, middle 8, solo, or an entire song,

    as long as you can do it correctly, to begin with you don't have to be the fastest or most economical with your movements

    what you should try and do is rotate your entire forearm when slapping rather than just moving your wrist, keep you thumb straight, but not too rigid, you grooving, not hammering a wall

    another mistake a lot of beginers make is to have one movement for the slap then move the hand again to pop

    it should all be compact, not too wild

    god, i think we should start a series on this

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    Mar 26, 2000
    I love slapping, it's a lot of fun. The only slap technique that I've been using is Victor's double thumbin' technique. I need to learn some more ... what are some more?
  7. it depends on what you want to play, you have the standard, thumb, pop, thumb, pop

    you can slap in triplets, ala mark king,

    you can mess around with timing, move the groove, by altering slap, you can encorporate harmonics, stums, chords

    think of it as a big pool and your the only one in it!

    don't be put off by older players, or people on the Tv because they can do something you find hard

    reply with what you've seen and we'll see if we can work out what it is