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    Mar 3, 2011
    Last summer I drove a state over to see Social Distortion
    Play a gig at a club right on the beach boardwalk. I ended up
    Standing front row for the entire show. I have been to alot
    Of concerts but this show is one I won't easily forget. The
    Opener was Chuch Ragan who's my favorite artist and he was
    Playing with Joe Ginsberg on upright and Jon gaunt on fiddle.
    On the last song of the set he had a sip of water and spit it all out
    Into the air Which misted in the house lights, he was covered in sweat
    And singing so hard some words were fading while he just tried to catch a breath. The entire crowd was stamping their feet and goin nuts. Then when Social D. Came on mike ness was at arms reach most
    Of the show. Then at the end of the show I yelled the drummers name
    And he threw me the drum stick he was using for their set....... I was wondering if anyone else would share their favorite live experience or moment at a concert they have been to!
  2. My first big show was seeing Aerosmith in Sacramento years
    Ago on the Just Push Play tour, with the band Fuel or something like that
    Opening for them, I didn't really care. Out in the grass area where we
    Were sitting, there was what looked like a small stage, but I just figured it
    Was where the sound guys set up or something and didn't think much of it, till
    Halfway through the show the Aerosmith disappeared from the stage, and what seemed
    Like moments later, had seemingly teleported to that small stage right next to us! Our
    "Meh" grass seats turned into the greatest seats in the house, and the crowd was going
    Nuts! Then, in something that absolutely blew my 13 year old mind, Steven Tyler
    Started requesting all the female concert goers to expose their breasts to
    Him, and I soon myself in a forest of mammaries, which almost made my head explode (get your
    Mind out of the gutter). It was at that moment that I decided I
    Wanted to do that, and though it was
    A few years later till I got my first bass, I gotta say that that did have
    An influence. It is also why Steven Tyler will always be a god in my book, even
    If he is a judge on a "certain show" that I find to be one of the single worst things to ever happen to
    Music. If I ever meet the man, you can be sure that
    There will be a
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    Mar 12, 2005
    West Midlands UK
    Wow, there's just so many. Rush were great on the Farewell to Kings tour, as were Return to Forever in 2008. Weather Report with Jaco were out of this world (Night Passage tour). Bill Bruford's band were terrific, with Jeff Berlin (Gradually Going Tornado tour, "supporting" Brand X - who were good, but not as good as Bruford on the night). I saw Buddy Rich play some amazing gigs.

    Er... what else? The Who were a great live band. Perhaps surprisingly, Simple Minds put on a fantastic show, back in 1986 at the Milton Keynes bowl. Yes can play a bit, too. And I've enjoyed some great Hawkwind gigs. Doctor Feelgood were a brilliant live band, and so were Budgie. Gary Moore was one of the best guitarists I've ever seen, and he had Ian Paice with him on drums.

    Probably the best ever was John McLaughlin, Billy Cobham, Jack Bruce and Stu Goldberg playing an incredible set at the Rainbow in London, 1979.

    Ooops - just remembered one more, a Sunday lunch time pub gig by some local guys. Tony Richards on drums (a pal of my Dad), Steve Richardson on bass (son of another pal of my Dad). Fred somebody on guitar and Ric Sanders on violin. These last two were members of an outfit called The Albion Band, and Ric also played with Soft Machine and Fairport Convention, as well as collaborating with more artists than you can count. Anyway, the audience for this gig was only two people - me, and a young kid who worked at my company and happened to play the violin. I took him along as part of his musical education. The musicianship on that gig was just staggering. Two guys (and a barman) watching four other guys, in a pub on a Sunday lunch time. Surreal.