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Greetings... few noob questions

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by stringtheorist, Jul 17, 2005.

  1. stringtheorist


    Jul 14, 2005
    Hey gang,

    Been lurking around here absorbing for a bit, figured I'd introduce myself and state my business. I've got a few questions running around in my head too. Prepare for a novel.

    So here's the deal... The name's Steve, I'm 26, live in the Dayton, Ohio area. I'm an electronic music (read: drum and bass) dj and producer. Been doing it for about 8 or 9 years now. I absolutely love it, but for the last year and a half or so I've felt a little stagnant and have wanted to expand my musical repertoire. Since bass is the coolest instrument EVAR, it seemed like the obvious choice. About 9 months ago I picked up my first bass, a Schecter Stiletto Elite-4.

    I was very fortunate to find a very talented instructor and gigging jazz bassist teaching about 2 miles from my house. I started taking lessons soon after purchasing my bass. Low and behold, after about a month worth of lessons my financial situation abruptly changed (as financial situations do), and I was forced to put down the bass and focus on more pressing issues.

    So here it is about 8 months later, I've settled into my new job, and I'm looking forward to starting back up with my instruction. w00t. Anyway, now on to my questions.

    My current practice setup in my studio is as follows:

    Stiletto Elite-4 -> Line 6 Bass Pod -> Mackie 24x8 -> QSC RMX-1450 -> Pair of Yamaha SV15 PA Cabs

    I'm thinking about putting together a rack rig based around another RMX-1450 I've got somewhere around here. I've also got a few compressors, Lexicon rack effects...all kinds of goodies to play around with and experiment with tone. There are SOOO many options for cabs and pre's that I'm a little overwhelmed. I've been reading on here like mad, and I have put together some options... perhaps you folks can offer some subjective opinions based on what I want.

    Here's what I know:

    1. Based on the way things are going at the moment, I'd say my playing will consist of about 50% slap/pop and about 50% fingered.

    2. My budget to get a rig going is about $900
    (I have the gear to devote this entirely to a cab and get a good pre later, or I could divide it between a cab and a pre)

    3. I prefer new equipment to second hand.

    4. I love creamy, warm tone...but also like clarity and definition on the top end. A good tweeter is important to me. Think Vic Wooten meets Tim Commerford (Early RATM).

    So based on this information what should I be looking for in a cabinet? I've been looking at Avatar (the low price makes me a little iffy), Eden, Schroeder, GK, Acme, etc. Can you guys give me some experience-based opinions?

    What about preamps? I can just use the pod for now, but eventually I'd lake to get something with a little more...um...warmth. There's so many options, and I dont really have the resources to listen to them all. Thoughts?

    Sorry for the book, and thanks in advance!

  2. TheChariot


    Jul 6, 2004
    Boston, MA
    Your in a good situation, since you already have a power amp.

    Avatar is cheap... but only in cost. They're affordable because of the business (factory direct) situation. As far as tone, they give Aguilar a run for their money (although most would give Aguilar the nod). Still, to be able to compete, tone-wise, with a cabinet that costs about double the price.... that's pretty awesome.

    You probably should go try stuff out. I actually have/had the Victor Wooten cabs from Ampeg... and they're awesome, but definately not what I'd think they were based on description.

    I would avoid Ampeg, GK, and SWR cabs. That said, you should still make sure to try all those brands at a local GC if you can.... just to get an idea of what the brands sound like. And you never know, you might love them. Schroeder could be a possibility for you, as well as Mesa or Eden. Your ears might tell you otherwise though.... so you really need to shop.

    As for a preamp, I'd take a look at the Ampeg SVP-PRO, Sansamp RBI, BBE BMax, or BBE BMax-T. All are very affordable ($500 new at the most)... and there's a lot of flexibility in there. The RBI can get warm, but also features a distortion channel, that I think is awesome. The SVP-CL based on the preamp section of the SVT 2Pro, which sorta hints toward your RATM interest. Again... look to try before you buy, even though I've never seen the BBE's in stores.

    I'd recommend going used, I gotta say though. Especially when your not too sure on what gear will REALLY give you that tone your hunting for. If you dont like it... you can sell it... and you'll hardly lose any cash. Especially with the preamps, because there's just a crazy abundance of different preamp methods to try.
  3. AVATAR AVATAR AVATAR!!!!! Do a search on Avatar cabs and you'll see how LOVED these cabs are. You'll also see how great Dave at Avatar cabs is, he stands behind all of his products 150%. I've been using the B212 cab for over a year and it still impresses me every time I use it. Also, the Tech 21 RBI preamp sounds like it would suite your needs.
  4. stringtheorist


    Jul 14, 2005
    Thanks for the responses guys!

    I've gone down and played around a few times. Also, sometimes I'll just lurk around listening to ... um ... qualified bassists play through whatever rig. To be completely honest, I'm not particularly thrilled with any of them. Of the three, I dug the ampeg gear the most. They also had a couple MESA Boogie cabs sitting around, but none of them were hooked up, and I didn't feel like toting gear around the store.

    And just for the record, the bass sales guy who's always there is quite possibly the most incompetent person I have ever dealt with. I'd probably get more useful information about bass gear from the gas station attendant across the street. :p

    Neither have I, but I did find samples on basstasters.com side by side with some other popular pre's. At least it gives me a little idea to go on. Also, I've seen a few PB-1's on ebay lately... I know a few of you are using them. I LOVE Avalon's channel strips.....mmmmmm.

    Gah! So many options. I can barely get sound out of my bass and I'm already G.A.S.ing. :(

    Any other cab or pre sugesstions?