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  1. lauregami


    May 1, 2019
    hello! I am a fresh bass player (been playing to myself in my room with headphones for 6 months). I have past music experience with brass (cornet and baritone) as well as some choral stuff. i have a squier short scale jaguar. I heard they discontinued them recently so I'm glad I picked one up. I love it. Taking things slow, working on each tone and then going through scales and things like that, trying to figure out how to piece and work them together, reading about shapes and understanding how my fingers go up and down the bass.

    I feel like my right hand needs more work than my left. I would like to learn how to do more percussive stuff, but I am just doing fingerstyle, and am still a tiny bit clumsy, I have no idea how to incorporate anything else other than 2 finger picking. relearning how to read music is really really nice and it's helping my understanding of the instrument. Looking forward to chatting with everyone!!!!
  2. Welcome and good luck.
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