For Sale Gretsch 5120

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    Aug 16, 2017
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    Just your typical Electromatic 5120. The pics tell the story. Broad-Tron pickups. This thing howls, but I just bought a thinner centerblock to replace it.

    I’ll ship in the case, which shows typical wear but is built like a tank.

    A word on the tuners. I bought it with some Sperzel lockers, which I swapped for the Planet Waves Trim-Lok model I’ll ship it with. I sold the Sperzels, but I have a nice set of Grover Rotomatics I’ll include for $25 extra if that’s your thang.

    When I opened the case, I found the open-back set I’ve got pictured. These might have been the originals; they came to me in a zip-lock in the case, and that’s how they’ll leave me too.

    Contact me here. I’m in MA; I’d like to split the actual shipping.

    C1817183-1F11-4000-B194-4FAD6DE60DE9.jpeg AD628177-DA8F-457E-B49B-AA28B3A19E94.jpeg DB246AD1-499F-41AD-B9A5-797FA87BEB3B.jpeg 6C76E7E4-D2E2-449F-9295-E0285E10C073.jpeg 539F1FCD-2DC0-42AA-8BFB-BB5A1C033495.jpeg
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