Gretsch G5123B limited edition

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  1. Gretsch hollow body for sale
    Model Name: FSR G5123B, Electromatic® Bass all stock the wiring harness has been replaced with tv jones one. Sold w/ a Road Runner hard shell case and Black Diamond black coated strings.

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  2. SactoBass

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    Talkbass rules require posting of an asking price in "for sale" ads. Nice bass, btw!
  3. Phil Smith

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    The photos are not of a hollow body bass or of a Gretsch. :D
  4. donn


    Mar 28, 2011
    Why the rewire?
  5. Sorry about the photo mixup
  6. Bump
  7. ElliottStrong

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    Am I the only one that is seeing an STR fretless and still no price posted?
  8. eldoryder

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    Nope. Me, too!

    Mike in Texas
  9. I haven't had time to update the photo but if your looking you know what it is...
  10. Bryan R. Tyler

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    Post a price or this thread will need to be deleted.

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