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  1. I bought a Gretsch<SP?>.. I always mix up two letters.. but.... My question is.. Is it a good bass?

    I just looked up the company and its been around 100 years or more. Seems like a decently run business. I have no complaints about it. I picked up a couple Ibanez's at Guitar center with my friend watching and I couldn't get comfortable playing. I picked this one up and starting whaling away at this little solo I made up. He just looked at me and said.. Like that one?! and started laughing cause it was the only bass I picked up and jammed on in front of him that wasn't my old Epiphone. It just fit me perfectly and I think its a pretty damn good guitar. Nice and tight.. Perfect sound once I tuned the strings.. You'd think Guitar Center would at least tune the damn thing for me... But anyway.. at 220 bucks .. for hm... list was like 440 I think.. Not entirely it sure it was on part of their 72 hour 50% or more sale thing. but I like it.. Anyone else play one?
  2. I had a "real" Gretsch briefly in the late 60's. They were about the ultimate guitar you could own, but Fenders outperformed the basses. Gretsch just didn't get bass pickup design back then, IMO. Plus, they were still chasing the C&W market back then. But those weren't the same animal as yours.

    Except for their top of the line models, some are Japanese these days, so I can see where you would like it. Japan makes some good instruments.

    Considering the price you paid, I guess it's not made by Heritage, the maker of their best stuff. If, by some chance, it is made by Heritage, that's really something. Heritage is in the old Gibson factory in Kalamazoo, turning out really fine instruments very quietly with some of the original Gibson craftsmen from their golden era.
  3. Wish I could say it was from the kalamazoo factory..

    Sadly it had a Made in Korea Sticker on the back.. Still think it plays beautifully though...
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    Sep 4, 2000
    I had a 1957 Gretsch Aniversary Model. DeArmond P/ups....looked just like the guitar joe perry played in the dude looks like a lady video. The action on it was superb!, just wouldnt stay in tune :oops:(
  5. You probably got something from their new Synchromatic budget line. Probably made in Korea.

    Does it look like this?: [​IMG]
  6. Yes and no.. Yes it looks like but.. It only has one pickup its from the Electromatic line.