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    Feb 15, 2013
    Had the pleasure of playing bass for the Berklee Bob Marley Ensemble last evening in concert at the Cafe in our new high rise building at 160 Massachusetts Avenue. In preparation I surveyed Family Man's bass groove and articulations. Attached is a sample of my notes. This helped significantly during performance as I had a handle on the nuance that would make the band sound like the Wailers. Immediately during the intro Fams puts a slight "push" and "swing" on bar 2 of Roots Rock Reggae. This felt so cool to play as it worked!!
    Notice how on Positive Vibration the disparate legato followed by staccato articulations. This doubly helped me groove and articulate the bass line so the vibe felt right. Recommend always to my students that they survey, (meaning to investigate) how the master players groove. YES, YOU CAN STUDY GROOVE!

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    Thanks Danny! Keep posting your lead sheets. Some of us anticipate them like the morning paper. :)