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  1. Jaco_bus


    Mar 2, 2018
    Hi Bassists, Luthiers and my other low friends...

    My bass has this buzz problem....I just bought it...sent it back 2000km to shop to get checked out....BUT i feel I need to get other opinions on this,,,what is this?? Check the video then please reply...
  2. DiabolusInMusic

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    I cannot watch the video where I am at but a simple test can tell you if it is a grounding or a shielding issue.

    If your bass has a hum that goes away when you touch the strings/bridge/metal than you have a shielding issue.
    If your bass has a hum that gets louder when you touch strings/metal/bridge you have a grounding issue. I would check your ground connection under the bridge just for good measure.
    If your bass has a hum that remains constant regardless of touching metal/strings/bridge you have a deeper issue, although I would check the ground wire coming from the bridge in this case as well. It might be 60hz hum if you are using singles coils. Shielding does not address 60hz hum.

    Additionally, if your bass makes a popping sound when you touch metal/strings/bridge you are hearing static electricity discharging. Shielding will resolve the issue.
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  3. Jaco_bus


    Mar 2, 2018
    Hi Diabolus!

    Slayer fan?? (They had a fantastic run...if it's REAAALLY over for them...)
    Thank you very much! I loaded the clip onto youtube if you want to (or if you are able to )watch it there.
    the following happens: (SQUIER VINTAGE MOD 70'S ----SINGLE COIL..(MMMMM MAYBE THAT???)
    1. I turn tone up all the way
    2. Hum
    3. Touch strings - Hum goes away...
    4. After a while...1 minute or so...turn knobs again
    5. Crackling/white noise when turning tone knob and while playing every now and then...intermittently
  4. DiabolusInMusic

    DiabolusInMusic Functionless Art is Merely Tolerated Vandalism

    Based on that description, your bass needs a shielding job. If the bass otherwise plays great, I would suggest just keeping the bass and doing the shielding. Fender doesn't really consider shielding to be a necessary part. If you return the bass for a replacement, it may have the exact same issue. If you return it for repair, they might say it isn't broken.

    Single coil hum will only occur when you favour one pickup. If you balance both pickups, they will function as a humbucker. This will also cause a mid-scoop in the tone. Since your hum does not occur when both pickups are full and your hands on the strings, the pickups are working.

    Pretty much everything I know on the subject can be read in the link in my signature. If you need further assistance, just quote me or bump my thread and I will be happy to help. I recommend asking for advice publicly because I am not always on and there are lots of knowledgeable members here.
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