Grundorf 4 space rack

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  1. I have a used but in good condition Grundorf rack case (4 space). Only problem with it is on the inside bottom of the case. I lined the bottom of the case with 2" thick road case foam. Its has been removed, but there are very minor remnants if the foam. I used contact cement as my adhesive, so even with the foam out of the case, it isnt sticky.

    Demensions: 20.5 wide x 8.75 tall x 20 deep (with covers on, 16.75 with covers off)

    Weighs 20 pounds on my bathroom scale. Much more durable than other plastic rack cases that I used before switching to Grundorfs. Pretty much the build of an ATA case without foam.

    Note: This is not one of the Mighty Lite Series Grundorf cases

    $75 shipped.





  2. $60 shipped
  3. BStringJerry

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    Aug 5, 2005
    PM sent - I'll take it
  4. Sold.

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