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  1. me and my friend just started a band.. im into more the heavier rock.. and hes more into emo and pop punk.. well we decided to make a grugne band because its kind of in the middle..

    aside from the quinticential grunge band Nirvana, what can u recomend i listen to? just to get a bette feel for grunge.

    or can i get some grunge tips? because i dont want to dominate with just hard rock/metal
  2. Well , not to be an ass, it makes it easier to get suggestions when you post in the right forums. This should be misc. or recordings, but your new so don't sweat it, just remember.

    Grunge is really more of an adjective then a genre, but what the hell, here's some good "grunge" bands:

    Soundgarden - good vocals , good bass and the guitar genius Kim Thayil, they have a psychedelic , neo-Black Sabbath sound.

    Alice in Chains - sorta ditto but much different at the same time.

    Kyuss - Ultimate band of that era.

    some more :
    Smashing Pumpkins
    Screaming Trees

    and Im blank. Good Luck
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    don't try to be a grunge band.

    just play music together and whatever comes out, go with it.

    when you try for a genre, that's when you fail
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    Check out Gruntruck, Mother Love Bone, Green River, Critters Buggin', Babes in Toyland, Tad, Melvins, Hater, Love Battery, My Sisters Machine, War Babies, Skin Yard, Treepeople, Fire Ants.

    Those are a few. I have CD's from all of those bands, so if you need me to make you a disc, let me know.

  5. Brad Barker

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    Apr 13, 2001
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    this is all good.

    especially clay's advice. just listen to all of those bands and try to assimilate them into your own vision.

    ...or something. i'm not really much of a musician anymore. :p
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    why have labels?

    just mash up the ideas both of you have, and have at it. IMHO, you'll make more interesting music, no?

    and holy crap, this weekend, a few friends and i just watched "Singles" again, and Tad Doyle still cracks me up!
  7. I just KNEW grunge was about to make a comeback. I'm wearing ratty Levis right now. :hyper:
  8. hmm yea.. maybe we should just jam at it.. and go from there..

    and MJ5150 id love a cd :) thanks man..

    oh.. and iv heard of babes from toyland before.. i had a girl over the other day who brought over a few of those cds she mixed of that band.. pretty wicked stuff..

    but yea.. a cd would be awesome.. :)
  9. I love Critters Buggin but Grunge?
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    Yeah, I know. They're just such an awesome Seattle band, that I had to throw them in the mix. :D


  11. Agreed
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    YES!! Excellent movie. It was on TV the other day, I watched it also.

    Living near Seattle, it is cool to watch that movie and see all the places I hung out at during the hey days of grunge. I was at the club the night they recorded the Soundgarden show they used in the movie.

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    We've gotten this far without mentioning the Pixies, the band Cobain admitted blatantly stealing from?
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    I never considered them grunge, especially after Golden Blunders. They didn't get mentioned by me bacause they aren't as awesome as Critters Buggin'.

  15. Yeah , Skerik kicks that bald guys ass! :D
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    Nice one page. Rock on......


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    Right on.

    However, trace that heritage back one more step and find some Husker Du. When The Pixies placed an ad in a newspaper for a bass player, they described the band as, "Husker Du meets Peter, Paul, and Mary." Kim Deal was the only one who showed up to the audition!

    IMO, Husker Du is the aural "missing link" linking post-punk to alternative. And it's still crunchy today!

    Essential listening: "Zen Arcade"
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    Nobody mention Mudhoney? L7? Screaming Trees?

    Dare I say it, Sonic Youth? Or is that proto-grunge?
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    Jun 3, 2002
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    People have already mentioned Mudhoney and Screaming Trees.