Gruvgear Gigblade EDGE owners! Pics please...

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  1. vedi


    Sep 16, 2008
    Luxembourg, EU
    dear all,

    I would be grateful for some pictures of the Gruvgear EDGE gigbag - yes, I've googled for them, no luck: just your standard couple of pics from GG website. no reviews, no videos, nothing. even on TB it got mentioned only a couple of times (is it that new or unpopular? or does my location have to do with google omitting results?)

    so, mostly I am interested in the neck bracing system (could not observe it from any of the pics) and the bottom cushion: is it a one piece, or movable two piece foam? while we are down there, how does it look on the outside - on some pics I see a rubber sole, on others not.

    are you happy with your purchase? what do you dislike about it?

    I am looking to buy a gigbag without two backpack straps (or at least to be hidden completely). my old one (barely in one piece after 15y) has a strap that allows one to carry the bass horizontally on one's hip. I am searching for a bag that has that possibility, or at least the hinges to attach the strap... does not need to be super-duper cushioned, not even water resistant. just the lightest possible solution that can be carried on one shoulder. this EDGE things seems to be the only option on the market. do not want to order and return it just because (although at no cost to me)...

    thank you in advance for your time and effort!
  2. Jon Moody

    Jon Moody

    Sep 9, 2007
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    Sadly, I don't have the EDGE, but I have the SLIVER, which is the higher end version of what you're looking for. And from reading, it looks to have most of the same features that you're asking about. So, if this helps...

    - The neck bracing system is pretty cool. The way it's designed, opposite foam pieces are on each side of the case, so it "locks" the neck in place as you zip up the bag. Because of this, it doesn't matter if the bass is 4, 5 or 6 string; they all fit.

    - The bottom foam cushion is one piece. I haven't ever tried to move it, but it doesn't open up easily enough to reach down and grab it.

    - I'm "guessing" it's the same rubber sole used on all the other GigBlades (I have a couple of the regular ones too).

    Given that the EDGE and SLIVER are so close in price (looks to be $30 difference), that may be another option as well?
  3. vedi


    Sep 16, 2008
    Luxembourg, EU
    hey Jon, thanks for your reply - it seems SLIVER is not available in my part of woods (search only yields guitar version or ebay vendors outside EU). perhaps GG found them too similar to be sold together?
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  4. I do not have the Edge but love and weekly use the Gigbade2.

    The Edge has the ying yang foam that is built into the bag, not movable.
    There is a piece of foam on the left of the front (or back, do not remember) then a piece of foam on the right that is on the back (or front, do not remember but you get the idea) as it closes it clamps the neck holding it in place.

    Here is a video of the inside of the edge.

    This video of the silver best explains the neck locking system.

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  5. vedi


    Sep 16, 2008
    Luxembourg, EU
    thanks for those, man! should've watched all their videos... this yin-yang system is mentioned in the specs, but is not so apparent in the pics. thanks for confirming, you helped me a lot!
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  6. Aidil


    Dec 4, 2014
    Jkt, IDN
    let me share my thought...

    But first disclaimer, I don't have the Gruv Gear Edge (nor the Sliver). I do own their bigger side carrier brother, the GigBlade 2, which I use alternately with my Mono gigbags. I've been keeping my eyes open for any products that Jay, the guy behind the company, introduced, as they are such an innovative company in the music industry. So, I was following them when they launched the Sliver and then the Edge (and not any less exciting their latest future bass/guitar bag called the Kapsule).

    One thing that has kept me from buying the Sliver (and then also the Edge or any other brand slim gigbags), is that they don't provide good enough protection for bass/guitars with angled back headstock (which all basses that I own right now are). So, if you are interested in buying the Edge or any other slim gigbags out there, make sure you are fully aware of this.

    And my take on the Edge, compared to the Sliver which cost $30 more, it lacks a long pocket they called StrapFlat, which also available on the GigBlade/GigBlade 2, which I find very useful for carrying a thick/padded and 4" wide guitar strap that I usually use, especially for (an instrument as heavy as) bass. This pocket allows me to bring the strap without having to bend it inside. They claim this will help extend the life of the guitar strap, which I concur. Also, the Slive has more storage compartments. So, you might want to consider the additional cost of getting the Sliver instead, for something useful.
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  7. vedi


    Sep 16, 2008
    Luxembourg, EU
    thank you for your thoughts and the time it took to write them.

    as I wrote above, SLIVER does not seem to be readily available in EU (or my shopping skills might be questionable). EDGE is. the lower price is just a bonus ;)

    the reason I am interested in a simple "protective" wrap for the instrument (as opposed to hardcases I already have, and a double Mono bag) is that I need something which will hold my bass to hang on my shoulder when going to a rehearsal (always bringing the backup bass to a gig, so double Mono there). TBH, I do not consider any of the gig bags to be sufficiently protective of the headstock. the fact that in some of them the headstock might be surrounded by air (i.e. not touching the inside of the bag), does not imply that it shall remain intact upon impact. do you have the nerve to drop any of your instruments in any bag from the height of 1m? I do not. maybe in the hardcase, and even there I would not be calm about it. so, while I agree that some hockey sticks would suffer more, IMHO none are 100% safe.

    as for the strap pocket - I still own my very first leather strap (zomg, 25yrs already?!) and most of its life it has been rolled to rest in the lower cut of the bass (EBMM cases are made to fit both RH and LH instruments, so in any case the space under G string's last couple of frets will be empty). still going strong. I did move to Mono Betty for some of my heavier instruments, and that one is not easy to roll. but, if you are careful with the metal parts of it, it can fit under the neck of the bass in the Mono bag (i.e. between the bag's neck clamp and instrument's neck pocket) and not damage the finish of your instrument. honestly, if the strap needs to be kept straight to survive, it is a low quality strap. the wide, thick straps that are un-rollable are another thing, and I can see how the said pocket might come in handy. just not my case though.