For Sale GS Custom 5 string bass. USA

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  1. Gary Stevens

    Gary Stevens GS Custom Guitars. Gary Stevens. Florida USA Commercial User

    Dec 8, 2019
    Green Cove Springs, Florida
    Luthier since 1989
    GS Custom 5 string bass for sale. $800 plus actual boxing and shipping cost. Weight is 8 pounds 10 ounces. This bass has a 4-piece maple neck, a cocobolo fretboard, Florida cypress side wings, Gotoh tuners and bridge. EMG
    40CS pickup with volume and tone, two 9 volt batteries, bone nut, dual-action truss rod, Daddario Chrome Flats, and a nitro lacquer finish. This bass has a very comfortable assymetrical-V neck shape. If you prefer a paper-thin neck, keep looking. Lightly used in my studio. Never gigged. Shipped in a padded plywood box. 'Actual shipping' includes materials cost for the plywood shipping box and USPS shipping. Gary Stevens. GS Custom Guitars. Green Cove Springs, Florida. IMG_20201013_155033702_HDR.jpg IMG_20201013_155052888_HDR.jpg IMG_20201013_155110898_HDR.jpg
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