SOLD GSS Baby Sumo 600w Power Amp***PRICE DROP***

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    BC742151-268B-4E45-89AA-69EA407A1D33.jpeg 1E5CE616-1BF8-4797-AEA1-C46A200D688F.jpeg 89B86AE1-FE0F-4EDA-89A4-8D70F7B6CF64.jpeg F0761A6F-B5B1-4976-998E-E7AB80BF4E1D.jpeg 3F85B391-52B9-47BB-A691-9A6DEE988C44.jpeg 8149A3CA-7021-4E56-B25D-722D8E6A28F4.jpeg 7D1A5672-0715-4DC2-BEFA-70E0829C00A1.jpeg 6691B6B1-8DC4-40EE-B2CD-6B0DD5B0F99C.jpeg BDE64025-05B2-40C6-A369-CD27F98DE422.jpeg 637675E7-0A01-40C9-8415-A8F1F3D5E2D0.jpeg 9AEE03DB-F938-4F14-8431-A4BF27914FBA.jpeg 5C598BA8-83EA-4021-B09F-B71A39D9266E.jpeg Up for sale is a GSS Baby Sumo 600watt power amp with custom 1 of a kind heavy duty metal case (I insulated the case myself, so don’t judge the foam cuts too much )!

    No issues, but a few very small scratches from use. I’ve owned this guy for about a year and a half. Had it serviced once due to a loose connection, but is in perfect working order. This thing puts out the power!! Only reason I’m selling it is because I’ve decided to change up my rig. I was running an iRig Stomp with AmpliTube software for the preamps. I never really could get the tones I wanted out of the the software live, so I went back to just using a regular old bass head.

    $400 includes shipping to lower 48 only. Anywhere else buyer pays shipping.

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    Sep 19, 2010
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    Still available?
  3. SteveBassJr

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    No sir. I marked it sold.