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  1. Dear Fellas & Felazettes,

    i own a GT-1B & i love to play around with it at home. But i am starting a new project here in Seville, Spain, where keyboard players are hard to find. i might have to play chords while the guitar player does his noodling.

    So i was wondering if other owners of this fantastic multi-FX pedal had ever tried to create a Fender Rhodes patch. And if so, how did U do it? i assume U need quite a lot of reverb, some tremolo, some sort of pitch modification, but what did U choose as FX1 & FX2? & what settings for each element?

    Also, i have read that some of the FX, like the Octaver, do not allow U to play multiple notes at the same time, & i just tried with a couple of patches & it does look like this is true... Is there any way i can get a Fender Rhodes sound on this thing & play chords too?

    i'd really appreciate all the help i can get! (And before U draw Ur guns at me: yes, i understand the role of a bass player in a band, and no, i don't have any budget available to buy new pedals, basses or a keyboard)

    Take care!
  2. Rafbass77


    Mar 13, 2017
    My request to add the boss gt1b to this sharing site has finally been accepted. Now you can insert and share our patches and request them from users all over the world.

    .: Guitar effect patches for Boss GT-1B :.
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  3. Oh thanks man! I appreciate it! I'll check it out soon! I have made 15 patches of mine which i will be happy to share once i figure out how to export them from the pedal into my dying laptop! I think i downloaded the software but haven't installed it!
    Thanks a lot!!
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